Chitralis to move court for opening of Lowari Tunnel

PESHAWAR/CHITRAL: Residents of Chitral on Thursday rejected the new schedule for the opening of Lowari tunnel to traffic and said they would move the court of law for relief if the government didn’t open the passageway all through the week. Former MNA from Chitral and Jamaat-i-Islami leader Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali told a news conference at Peshawar Press Club that closure of the tunnel coupled with snowfall had stressed out Chitralis moving to other parts of the country. He said the Lowari top had already been closed to traffic and the tunnel was opened for nine hours a week only to the misery of the local residents. The ex-MNA said everyday, hundreds of vehicles queued up on both sides of the tunnel but they were not given permission. He dispelled the impression that the tunnel was closed due to construction work and said the Pakistan People’s Party leaders were telling a lie that work remained in progress round the clock. “In fact, work is done for eight hours a day only and that, too, at a slow place,” he said. Mr Chitrali feared that the local residents would face shortage of food and other items in case the issue was not resolved immediately. He appealed to the Peshawar High Court chief justice to take notice of the misery of the 0.6 million population and issue orders for the opening of the route. In Chitral, the civil society organisations on Thursday gave a call for shutter-down and wheel-jam strike over partial opening of the Lowari tunnel and demanded that the passageway be opened to traffic seven days a week. In a meeting held on Thursday with former district nazim Maghfirat Shah in the chair, the representatives of CSOs expressed resentment over the government’s indifference towards Chitrali people’s sufferings due to the tunnel’s closure. They said they had decided to mobilise the public opinion for forcing the government into opening the tunnel throughout the week.–Dawn]]>

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