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Legal action sought against 'forgers'

CHITRAL, Dec 11: Some people from the Dizg village in Yarkhun valley have been accused of submitting an application to the district police officer of Chitral against a family with bogus signatures of other villagers, seeking imposition of section 145 on a piece of land which they had tried to occupy last year.  It has been learnt that two men from the Khojasaney family filed an application with the office of the district police officer on Nov 2 showing the signatures 16 people of the village as the applicants. The application said that Didarul Mulk, Zakiruddin, Irshad Ali and Ghafar Khan etc., from the Razakhel family had occupied the land in front of their houses. They claimed that the land belonged to the people of the village and if the police failed to impose section 145, there might be a clash in the village. When the police from the Meragram No 2 post on the directive of the DPO probed into the matter, all the 16 people were surprised to see their names on the application. They gave to the police in writing that the two men had fraudulently and without any authority made their bogus signatures and submitted the application. They also demanded that the police should take legal action against those who had committed forgery by using their forged signatures and tried to spoil the peace of the area. The local police officials have sent its report back to the DPO, and are waiting for further directives. It may be recalled that in in September 2011, about 12 people using women and children as a shield tried to occupy the ancestral land of Didar, Zakir, Ghfar etc., in front of their houses. The attackers were, however, beaten back. After the incident, the police imposed section 145 on the land to avoid any clash. About 10 months later, the section 145 was lifted by the court of law and the land was handed over to its owners. The families who had tried to occupy the land filed an appeal in the court which was also rejected. Those whose names were fraudulently used in the application included Begal Khan, Sorum Beg, Shah Aziz, Meran Shah, Hazara Khan Dinar Mohammad, Afsar Khan, Rakeen Khan, Yousuf Nadir and Nadir Sangal.]]>

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