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Good governance is possible

For those of us who are not prepared to believe that good governance is possible without changing the system,  this would come as a surprise that a change of guard has made good governance a reality in the DHQ  hospital. Last year I had bemoaned the poor state of health delivery system and had quoted the situation in this hospital to support my contention. This year, on a visit to this hospital, I saw positive change. I thought that the visit of the Chief Secretary must be the cause for this change because during our briefing we had highlighted the need for good governance and efficient utilization of existing resources instead of demanding new projects. I was happily surprised when I came to know that this change had been brought about by the new Medical Superintendant, Dr. Noorul Islam. The ambience and physical environment of the hospital was giving a much pleasant look. Litters and garbage were not to be seen. Sanitation staff was found in uniform and could be located for the needed job unlike before when you could not differentiate one set of staff or patients from the other. Doctors were found attending to their duties in time and the emergency ward was working properly around the clock. When I asked the MS as to how he could succeed where others had failed, he said that apart from role modeling he had established monitoring committee to oversee that rules and instructions were followed. Any issue brought to his notice by the committee was attended immediately and there was zero tolerance for lethargy and neglect. I counter verified these findings from a prominent social activist and head of Green and Clean Chitral society and he was all praise for the new MS. Regarding long term sustainability of the new dispensation it is premature to predict. Hopefully this arrangement can be institutionalized and the MS gets the time to do so. The lesson one can draw from this example is that it is not always the system which is at fault. Most of the time it is not the system but functionaries of the system who are at fault. However by taking shelter behind the  cliché  that the system has collapsed that the vested interests are exploiting the ignorant masses, otherwise how can we explain the success of this system in UK while in Pakistan it has failed. Mountains are the country’s most valuable resources. They are a great source of pride & joy for every Chitrali. Mountains dominate the skyline wherever it appears raising our eyes above the everyday level of civilization. They represent the nature in different ways and various colours. They are the symbolic representation of achievement and isolation of individuals from masses of working class industrialized areas. They rise above as majestic entities whose peaks are touched by few enduring and brave souls. They symbolize personal freedom and accomplishment through a connection with nature, distant from the constraints of materialism. Mountains are natural focal point in the landscape. In the continuum of landscape, mountains are discontinuity.]]>

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