Power struggle rocks PPP women in Chitral

CHITRAL, Dec 4: Bibi Jan, who was recently sacked as chairperson of the People’s Students Federation (PSF) Government Girls Degree College Chitral, has demanded that the party high command should disband  the PPP’s district women wing for bringing a bad name to the PPP. [caption id="attachment_6122" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Ms Bibi Jan protests her exclusion from the gathering in Chitral.--S. Nazir Hussain"][/caption] Talking to ChitralToday here, Ms Jan said she was removed from the post by Falak Naz, the president of the PPP women wing Chitral, on the charge of violating the party discipline. She was even not allowed to meet Interior Minister Rehman Malik during his visit to Chitral on Monday. When she tried o enter the venue of the PPP gathering where the minister was to speak, women police officials did now allow her entry and even entered into a brawl with her and her supporters. She said she had not committed any crime nor violated the party rules. She said PPP leader Asma Jehangir had promised a bus for the students of the girls’ college but despite repeated reminders she did not arrange the bus. She also did not fulfil other promises made with the students. As a result, she held a press conference in Peshawar demanding that Ms Jehangir should fulfil her promise and the government should resolve the being faced by the students. However, this angered Ms Falak Naz who removed her from the post. Ms Jan said party office had no importance for her as she was a PPP worker and would continue working for the PPP. She said Asma Jehangir and Falak Naz had no right to remove her. She demanded that the dirtiest women wing of the PPP should be disbanded.]]>

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  1. She is very right while reminding her leadership to fulfill their commitments. It is marvelous that ANP leadership provided all the transport facilities to the recently-established University campus, but the PPP frontrunner in spite multiple assurances failed to provide a single bus to Shahid BB University Campus and to the Girls Degree college. If not Bibi Jan, someone else had to raise her/his voice and we must encourage the youth for their contribution and dedication for the party. She is daughter of Chitral and raised her voice for her right. Therefore, such decision and discouragement would have very negative impact on parties vote bank. I think Salim Khan, the man of dignity, should have a look into these matters, as these petty matters would lead the party in junk box.

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