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Passport, NADRA offices for Mastuj announced

CHITRAL, Dec 3: Interior Minister Rehman Malik during his visit to Chitral on Monday announced a number of projects, including opening of passport and NADRA offices in Mastuj. [caption id="attachment_6082" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Rehman Malik in Chitral.-- S. Nazir Hussain"][/caption] The minister also said that over 60 people of Ayun arrested a few months back would be released within a few days. Addressing a gathering here of party workers and others, he said a passport sub-office would be opened in Chitral so that it can issue machine readable passports. A branch passport office will also be set up in Mastuj. He said NADRA would also open its office in Mastuj. Besides, he added, mobile teams of NADRA will also visit far-off valleys like Torkhow, Mulkhow and Lotkoh to facilitate the residents in getting their national identity cards at their doorsteps. The minister also announced that the number of Chitral Scouts and border police personnel would be increased. The minister said 20 additional platoons would be added to the Chitral Scouts. The addition of one wing to Chitral Scouts has already been sanctioned, he added. Mr Malik said that the people of Chitral had demanded that 400 additional personnel should be recruited in the border police “but today I am announcing to recruit 1,500 border police men.” He assured the people of Chitral that only local youth would be recruited in these forces. The minister also promised to increase the number of police force personnel in Chitral. Without considering merit, the minister said  the sons of diehard PPP supporters Mubarak Khan and Sher Khan would be given employment in the passport office of Chitral. About the infiltration of Taliban from Afghanistan, he said if the fugitive militants being sheltered in the Afghan provinces of Kunar again infiltrated into Chitral or any other area of Pakistan, an operation would be launched against them. He said in order to boost security on the Afghan border, the paramilitary forces of the district would be strengthened. Federal minister Arbab Alamgir and his wife Asma Alamgir, Senator from FATA Akhunzada Chatan, Punjab MPA Ashraf Sona, KPK minister Salim Khan, and president of PPP women wing Chitral, Falak Naz also spoke on the occasion. Tight security was put in place during the visit of the minister, who also said that Taliban were after him but he was not scared and would continue fighting them.]]>

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