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Ruthless accountability promised

ISLAMABAD, Nov 28: Syed Raziuddin Rizvi, the chairman of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, has said he will carry out accountability of everyone in a transparent manner but based on facts and figures. “If I find even my brother involved in any corruption, I will not spare him and bring him to the book,” he vowed while talking to this newspaper here. He said that as there were reports of widespread corruption, he would get every department audited. We will get the auditing from the Auditor General of Pakistan and if we will not be satisfied with its reports we will get the audit done from private firms, he added. He said those found involved in corruption and misuse of public money would be dealt with an iron hand. They will have to los their jobs, he added. He said across the board accountability in the region was the voice of each and very citizen. Though it is an uphill task, but efforts would be made to cleanse the area from corrupt officials. It may be noted that during the tenure of the current regime, cases of corruption have been on the rise and the government is also being accused of hand in gloves with the corrupt mafia.]]>

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