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NA body concerned over non-arrest of killers

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly`s Standing Committee on Human Rights expressed dismay when it was informed during a meeting that law-enforcement agencies had failed to arrest a single culprit involved in sectarian killings in Gilgit-Baltistan. The culprits are still at large whether it was the February massacre of 18 passengers belonging to the Shia community of Gilgit-Baltistan when they were travelling on a bus, of 25 people in Chilas in April despite extensive security or murder of 26 people in Lulusar Top area in August. The pattern of killings in the three incidents was the same. Gunmen stopped the buses and killed the Shia passengers after ascertaining their identities with the help of their identity cards. When asked about the Lulusar Top killings, Hazara Division Commissioner Khalid Khan and DIG Naeem Khan said that only their soil had been used and that it was the jurisdiction of the GilgitBaltistan government to conduct an investigation into the incident. They suggested a joint operation to arrest the killers. The MNAs wondered how the killers, wearing army uniforms, were able to use military vehicles. `It`s the failure of the law-enforcement agen-cies which have not been able to solve the cases of sectarian killings,` said Riaz Fatyana, chairman of the committee. He ordered setting up of a joint investigation team comprising officials from the army, Inter-Services Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau and the concerned departments of Gilgit-Baltistan government and Hazara to solve the cases.]]>

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