Illegal hunting of Markhor on the rise

CHITRAL, Nov 26: The illegal hunting of Kashmir markhor has been reported in Toshi Shasha Game Reserve.

Conservationist Miraj Hussain from Seen village on Monday said three gunmen were recently seen poaching markhor in Toshi area. According to him, Wazir Khan and Gul, community watchers from Bilphok area, spotted the gunmen and asked them not to poach markhor but the latter threatened them with violence.

The two reported the matter to the local Wildlife Department officials, but to no avail. The conservationist claimed that the Wildlife officials had connived with poachers.

He said the poaching of markhor was unchecked in the game reserve and that the local residents’ repeated complaints to the Wildlife Department’s officials had fallen on deaf ears.

He also complained of the violation of the ban on the grazing of goats in the game reserve and said markhors suffered from diseases transmitted from goats.–Dawn

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  1. It is unfortunate that WWF in Chitral is not playing an active role in giving safety to these beautiful and unique wild animals. The local government watchers have also failed regarding this matter.

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