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Students highlight role of mothers

RESHUN, Nov 20: A mothers’ day function was held at Samarqand School and College here on Tuesday.

A large number of mothers attended the ceremony. Hina Riaz and her friend Najma commenced the function by thanking the entire guests and highlighted the relationship between children and mothers. They also mentioned the great philosophers of the olden times and the role of mother in their lives.

They welcomed chief guest, Principal of Government High School for Girls, Miss Nowshaba. The Principal of Samarqand School, Tahir Khan, presided over the ceremony. Ninth class student Firdous Khan recited verses from the holy Quran while little kids sang songs. Sidra Iqbal from Iqra School presented Hamd and Tahmina and her group from Govt High School for Girls presented Naat in Khowar. Sonia Munir received lots of appreciation from the audience for her thrilling speech on the topic of lack of leadership.

She also focused on the challenges facing the country like suicide attacks, unemployment and illiteracy. She emphasized the role of our great leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his motto of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

Afshan and her group presented a drama based upon societal evils especially the cruelty of parents towards daughters and ignoring their rights.

In the meanwhile, quiz competition started among the students of Government High Schools for Boys and Community Based School (CBS), Iqra Public School and Samarqand Public School and College. Community Based School (CBS) won the competition.

Bushra carried out talk-show by copying the host of Lekin of Geo TV anchor Sana Bucha and her guests were our so-called politicians Mr. Zardari, Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain and Hina Rabni Khar and it was quite fascinating to refresh the audience. Poetry (Bait Bazi) competition was also held among the students. Both participants didn’t accept defeat and continued for half an hour and showed their brilliant capacity of memory.

Ali Akber and Khasa Bibi presented poems regarding social habits in the following words: Khasa Bibi: Zhana Gharum Tu Nasha Moko, Laghlo Batin Tu Nasha Moko, Tu Hash Kori Tan Qismatot Gela Moko, Zhana Gharum Tu Nasha Moko While Ali Akber: Ma Shirin Zhur Jam Kirdar Bos Tu lilotan Taghbaidar Bos Tan Nantatan Qadro Koray Tha Jannato Tu Haqdar Bos Sabq De Ra Phd Ko, Pilot De bos Doctory Ko, Tan Izato Tu Roche Ko, Har Chamuto Har Hunar Bos, Ma Shirin Zhur Jam Kirdar Bos Safdar Aman, class 10th student of Govt High School Boys presented poem of his own about the turban which mostly widespread among our youth and got much admirations.

Shahi Ahmad and his friend entertained audience by funny joke. Sutan Ali, a teacher of Govt High School for boys said such program should be arranged our upcoming generation and will bring fruitful result in their practical life. He forced the mothers for their imperative roles toward their children in a good manner. Hafeez Udin, Science teacher from GHS for Boys also expressed his views said this program gave me lot of contentment and appraised Mr. Tahir for such fruitful program. He further said education and co-curriculum activities are essential to polish the youth’s potential qualities. Chief Guest Nowshaba the Principal of Govt High School while addressing said most of the students are become absent particularly in govt school so the teachers loss their interest towards teaching.

She said that the parents whose children are in Govt School don’t come to school for knowing about their academic performances. She showed stressed the bad of effect of television on their education and were not being called a great nation that we get positive things from these technologies she added. 

Awards were distributed among the above participants and Fareeza Gul got the most obedient student award of the school. At last, Principal Mr. Tahir Khan thanked all guests including chief guests, Schools teachers and Friend Club Reshun’s Chairman Mr. Shahzad Khan for supporting the events.

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