Scouts, police raid fails to net drug peddler

CHITRAL, Nov 19: The Chitral Scouts and police on Monday raided a street suspected of housing a narcotics den. However, neither the drug peddler could be arrested nor any narcotics seized as the accused man had already escaped after being tipped about the raid. Paramilitary forces under the supervision of Commandant Chitral Scouts Col Nasir Khan Jadoon and police headed by District Police Officer Abdul Rashid cordoned off the Peer Street to arrest Mian Mukhtiar, accused of selling drugs in the city. Deputy quarters master of Chitral Scouts Major Kazmi and other officers were also present on the occasion. It may be noted that the Chitral Scouts had also raided another narcotics (hashish) sale point of Mian Mukhtiar at Goldur Street after several public complaints in the past. Today, a large number of Chitral Scouts and police personnel took part in the raid. However, after reaching the suspected den, the law enforcers realized that Mian Mukhtiar had already escaped along with the narcotics, mostly hashish. Talking to, a military officer on the condition of anonymity said: “We received a number of complaints from the public requesting us to raid Mian Mukhtiar sale point. But unfortunately he was informed by his cronies in the law enforcement agencies after which he shifted his consignment to some other safe place and also escaped from the area.” However, people of Chitral appreciated Chitral Scouts’ efforts as the residents have become frustrated due to the police failure in eradicating drugs. Social and political circles here thanked the commandant of Chitral Scouts for taking the action compelling the drug peddler to run away. They appealed to him to continue the raid against drugs sale points of Mian Mukhtiar to discourage and compel him to abandon his illegal business that is spoiling the young generation. It may be noted that Mian Mukhtiar Gul is notorious for selling hashish in whole Chitral. He was arrested by the district administration under 16 MPO some time back but even then his business continued to thrive under the nose of the police. It is intriguing that his ‘den’ is situated at a distance of hardly 100 metres from the police station of Chitral.]]>

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  1. Shame on the law enforcement agencies that a single person could not be arrested by them in a place like Chitral where each person can easily be identified and reached. These people are destroying the upcoming youths under the hand of big culprits and corrupt police officials. If not why are they selling such illegal thing in the heart of Chitral town?

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