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Ayun: students rally for release of arrested people

Report G.H. Farooqui CHITRAL, Nov 16: Students from different schools in Ayun on Friday boycotted their classes in solidarity with the traders union whhave launched a campaign against the arrest of 20 people and registration of cases against 53 others by the Chitral police. A public gathering was also held at Jamia Masjid Ayun where former Tehsil Nazim Mastuj Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk and president of Qaumi Watan Parti Abdul Wali Advocate spoke. They said, “We respect the law of the land and obey the district magistrate’s order imposing section 144 in the district. As a result, we cannot protest openly but we can raise our voices in our mosques, homes and any legal platform.” A unanimous resolution was also passed at Jamia Masjid which said the local police had lodged an FIR against the residents of Ayun under different sections of Pakistan Panel Code but some of the sections were inserted in the FIR only to implicate the innocent people. The resolution demanded withdrawal of section 17 Harba, 20 Hudood Ordinance, 382 PPC because these sections are used in cases of theft, dacoit and robbery. They demanded royalty according to Supreme Court verdict and compensation to the affected people of flood due to cutting of forest. They also demanded formation of a commission to ascertain the  status of the issue and to analyze the cutting of forest. They also demanded a ban on cutting of forest according to Environmental Protection Agency. Small students from different schools also held a walk carrying placards inscribed with their demands for releasing arrested people, including their fathers. They were chanting slogans demanding the administration to release their arrested elders. The walk, which was also attended by women, ended at Toryandeh peacefully.]]>

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