Chitrali lawyers' warning: Recover kidnapped student within a week

PESHAWAR, Nov 13: The district bar association of Chitral will launch an agitation and boycott court proceedings if police failed to trace a kidnapped woman student in a week. [caption id="attachment_5626" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Chitrali lawyers.-- Photo courtesy Facebook"][/caption] Speaking at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, president of the bar Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi said Rohida Afshan was kidnapped at gunpoint from Dera Ismail Khan soon after she came out of the Gomal University on Sept 20, 2012. He was also accompanied by her husband Safirullah Shah and relatives of the female student. Initially, said Mr Inqilabi, nobody knew as to who was involved in the kidnapping but her relatives kept searching for her and traced the accused through his cellular phone calls. He said three people were involved in kidnapping of the girl and two of them were identified as Ihsanullah and Munir, residents of Phandu area in Peshawar. The lawyer said kidnapping case had been registered at Gomal University police station Dera Ismail Khan by the university’s chief proctor Dr Salahuddin and a police party from Chitral had also approached the local police for conducting raid at the residence of the accused but they were not allowed to do so. “The Dera police instead of arresting the accused formed a jirga of local elders to resolve the issue,” he said, adding the elders pledged before the jirga that the woman would be handed over to her husband’s family in 10 days but they failed to do so. Mr Inqilabi said the accused had obtained bail before arrest from a court in Dera. He appealed to the chief justice of Peshawar High Court to provide justice to the aggrieved family.–Dawn]]>

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  1. The issue of the unfortunate woman has been ignord by all and sundry especially the mullahs. The clerics who miss no opportunity to pitch the people of two communities against each other through their hate speeches, did not say even a single word against those who disgraced a Chitrali daughter. The mullah had nothing to say during his Friday sermon this time because it was a nobel cause. He opted to remain tight-lipped because he is not interested in it at all. He failed to play his due role because it will not earn him much fame. The molvi ignited people when a girl committed suicide in Brep but his lips were sealed when another daughter of Hawa was disgraced by a non-Chitrali. There was no protest by seminary studnts either because it was apolitical. Please forgive me my dear Mullah you hurt me. The people Chitral will never forgive you for the damage you’ve done to them.

  2. Chitrali lawyers have only been collecting funds in the name of Booni and Chitral bar associations from the federal and provincial governments and law ministers. The step taken by Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi, the Chitral bar association president, will set a new trend and pave the way for his successors that there lies a great responsibility on their shoulders. I vividly remember when a former president of Booni bar association managed to get some Rs300,000 about a yer back from the then law minister Babar Awan. The then ‘energetic’ lawyer was so happy as he considered himself the most successful president in the history of Booni bar association. I was still confused thinking why he he was overjoyed. Later, one of his colleagues explained it to me that these are many things for which a lawyer loved to be the bar president. But Inqilabi negated the claim by raising voice against a poor man. This should be the spirit every lawyer should have otherwise there is no difference between a lawyer and “munshi” to a civil judge. Keep up the good work Inqilabi and we are anxiously waiting that you will succeed in tracking down the poor girl who has been kidnapped at gunpoint. The so-called Chitrali officers, some of them even enjoying lucrative posts in police and magistracy should be ashamed as they have failed to do anything for the suppressed and oppressed Chitrali woman. Bravo my friend Inqilabi we are with you and I assure you the day is not far when you bring an “Inqilab” in Chitral as well because you raised a voice against an issue which directly relates to the honour “ghairat” of Chitral.

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