ANP recounts development projects in Chitral

CHITRAL, Nov 13: As the election days are approaching fast, it is time for political leaders and government ministers to get back to the electorates recounting their works to solicit votes again. [caption id="attachment_5639" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Women attend a convention of ANP workers in Chitral.--S.Nazir Hussain"][/caption] The visit of the Awami National Party (ANP) leaders and ministers to Chitral was one such move. On the second and last day of their visit, ANP stalwart Afrasyab Khan Khattak here on Tuesday said during the last over four years the provincial government launched unprecedented development projects in Chitral. Addressing a gathering of party workers here, he said during the last over 60 years only a few high schools were established in Chitral but his party’s government not only opened new schools but also upgraded many others. He said during the tenure of the ANP, eight high schools in Chitral were upgraded to higher secondary, 20 middle schools were upgraded to high level and 22 primary schools were made middle in the valley. He added that new classrooms were also established in 54 schools. Mr Khattak said credit to launch work on the Chitral bypass also goes to the ANP government and the project had been a long-standing demand of the people of Chitral to resolve the traffic issues in the town. He said the bar rooms of Chitral, Booni and Drosh were also given special grants of Rs1.5 million each; Rs7.5 million were sanctioned for two buses for educational institutions besides Rs4.7 million were set aside for repair and maintenance of vehicles of different colleges. He said other small-scale development projects would also be completed before the elections. Speaking on the occasion, provincial education minister Sardar Hussain Khan Babak and ANP’s information secretary Arbab Mohammad Tahir said the ANP would win all the three – one national and two provincial assembly seats – from Chitral in the elections 2013. Minister for social welfare Sitara Ayaz on the occasion announced a special package for special persons. She said a delegation of ANP leaders would visit each and every union council of Chitral at the end of this month and try to resolve problems being faced by the people.]]>

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