CIADP failed to achieve targets, say LSOs

CHITRAL, Nov 11: The Chitral Community Development Network (CCDN), an umbrella organization of 16 local support organizations, has asked the government to order the Chitral Integrated Area Development Project to extend its working to all the backward areas of the district. Talking to this correspondent here on Sunday, the chairman of CCDN, Abdul Ghaffar, complained that the foreign funded project was launched four years ago in the Chitral but it had selected only five out of the 24 union councils of the district. He said that the project had failed to achieve its target as it was quite short of technical and other support staff to implement its development schemes in different sectors of development. Mr. Ghaffar said the project had to include the other backward union councils and areas of the district after completing its preliminary phase but it is still in its initial stage of development due to the inefficiency of its officers. He said that there were some areas which were lagging behind in development and even the basic amenities of life are not available there while a number of self-employment schemes in the areas to raise the standard of life by exploiting the natural resources. He regretted that the project was to work with the close association and liaison of CCDN which is the representative body of all the local stake holders but the bureaucratic style of its bosses has kept it away. The project, he said, is run by certain individuals who passed most of their time in away from the district and are unable to keep watch on its activities while there is acute shortage of supervisory staff for monitoring purpose in the field. Mr. Ghaffar reiterated that it will be quite unfortunate if the project is winded up with achieving its goal and keeping certain remote and backward valleys as backward as they are now.–Zahiruddin]]>

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