Shandur Road: Politicians again warn of long march

CHITRAL, Nov 7:  An emergency meeting of all parties was held here under the chair of Former Mastuj Tehsil Nazim and president Polo Association Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk which was attended by leaders of all political and religious parties. Talking to local journalists they said that  former president of Pakistan Parverz Musharaf had announced and earmarked 590 million  fund for construction and blacktopping of Booni to Shando road and this committee learned that the same fund has been released and paid to contractor for blacktopping of this road but there is nothing on the ground. They said that we time and again demanded through unanimous resolutions from the district administration and authorities for starting work on the road but they took no notice of our plea. They once again submitted a resolution to District Coordination Officer Chitral demanding for starting work on Boon Shandor road and fulfill their long awaited demand. They alleged that the funds have been released and paid to concerned contractor and road has been shown complete in papers only. They warned that if their genuine demand was not fulfilled they will be compelled to take to the streets and go on long march.–GH Farooqui]]>

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  1. This is nothing but another attempt to gain some political mileage and is point scoring. Where were Shahzada Sikander uL Mulk and other political and religious leaders during the last over four and a half years? Is it just before a few months to the upcoming elections that these so-called leaders have found the Shandur Road a big issue to play with, and get votes. I am sorry they are destined to get nothing. Their so-called threat can neither force the government to start work on the project nor impress the people to vote for them. They have already been tested through their claims, promises and deeds.

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