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NADRA staff's attitude angers applicants

BOONI (CHITRAL): Sher Nadir, a 41-year-old man from Sor Lapspur valley, seems exhausted and angry, not after travelling the long distance to Booni to get his CNIC renewed but due to the unprofessional attitude of the NADRA staff. Talking to outside the NADRA office, he said he had also brought his family for registration to get CNICs but spent the whole day outside without being even allowed into the office. He alleged that the NADRA staff was entertaining their relatives and acquaintances but turning away other people on different pretext. “We have reached here after travelling a long journey of five to six hours but the officials seem working only for their relatives.” According to him, one of the staff members even told a man that if he was not from her in-laws, she would not have done his work so quickly. He said the applicant the NADRA staff was talking to had even no receipt issued from the NADRA staff. Sher Nadir was not the only one who bitterly complained against the NADRA staff. There were scores of people coming here from far-flung areas of Mastuj like Yarkhun, Torkhow and Morkhow valleys who seemed angry with the system of working and staff attitude. Another man from Gohkir said one of the officials was sending a peon out to take his relatives inside, ignoring the other applicants. An old man from Chuing told that it was very difficult for them to come here on a daily basis, especially taking women along, from the far-off areas of Mastuj. He said taxi vehicles were always filled with passengers. He also said when light goes out, the NADRA office has no generator so the staff stops working on their computers. The residents appealed to the authorities concerned to take steps to ensure that the citizens easily get the basic document without any trouble. They also demanded that the staff should be trained to deal with the applicants in a professional manner.]]>

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