The immutable concept hovering over my valley

“Ma Xohor Chumutcare Hoi”…It is the sentence which scares the little kohled eyes; turns the innocent red lips into pale and breaks the series of dreams yet to be planed. This is the sentence which puts the daughters of Hawa in perplexity who used to run behind the butterflies free from any anxiety till yesterday. What meaning is hidden in this sentence which tends a daughter to crawl on the ground even when she desire to fly in the spacious sky. Let’s listen to the dialogue between a frustrated daughter and her ego when for the first time she listens to her parents uttering these words. Because this is the preamble which leads towards building up a new nexus through the bridge of an innocent daughter’s hands painted with Hinna. Daughter: Hey lucky flowers! You will enjoy the vicinity of butterflies but I left behind my innocence and I crossed the valley of my childhood in the struggle of catching the colorful butterflies. I will no more be here to tease you beloved, because I am grown up now. Her Ego:  Come on dude! Life is not limited to the valley of childhood. There is a big world beyond this microcosm. Daughter: But I don’t want to come out of this tiny world. If I do then all of my dreams will be ruined by the antiquated custom of my ancestors. I really don’t want to make the dreams dormant which I just sow and which are still to be nourished. Ego: Keep your inane dreams in your subconscious mind, so that they will remain dreams forever. Because the triumph which you are dreaming for will never be in your grips. Daughter: Please set a position paradigm before you and see the rapidly-moving world by the eyes of my burning desire. Please let us discover self-esteem and follow the assertion which I wrote in the page of my book when for the first time I tried to develop my personal statement. Ego: Your parents are planning to put the yolk of responsibility of a whole family on your shoulders and you are concerned with your own self. Wake up girl! It’s batter to follow what your parents say, so try to keep your notions calm and go forward with pacified spirit as other girls do. Daughter: Don’t you want me look pretty? Ego: Of course, I do. Daughter: But I am not a lily which is beautiful by itself, rather I am a diamond which needs polishing before it sparkles. My skills and potentials need to be nourished in order to break their dormancy. I want to spread the alto of freedom and knowledge all over the world. I want to enlighten my heart with the torch of education. I want to drag out myself from the hell of ignorance. Ego: Can you gain success without your parents’ benedictions. Look! I respect your desires and dreams, but the stupendous mountains, the vagabond raindrops, the cool zephyr and the singing rivulets, no one will provide you their endorsement. Daughter: What crime I committed that no one is there from whom I seek bolster against this carnage. Ego: Please keep your interrogates with you and don’t forget that you are a daughter. You have no other option except vanquishing your debases dreams which have no value in the eyes of our people. Daughter: I will not remain sedentary rather I will fight against this decadent rule if not for myself then for the posterity coming behind. Ego: Are you mad? How did you think to torture your beloved mother whose kind womb cared you in your prenatal life, whose aromatic lap protected you from the misery of winter’s coldness and barbarity of summer’s hotness and whose soft arms worked as pillows for your somnolent body. Will you be able to see your father’s disconsolate face or can you tolerate the tears coursing down your mother’s wrinkled cheeks after seeing your disparaging behavior? Daughter: NO, no……not at all. Who am I to intervene my parents’ decision who elucidated my life with the light of their love and kindness? They introduce me to the world, so they have the authority to choose the pathway of my life’s excursion. I will kill my rebellious spirit in order to see an exotic smile on my parents’ lips. I will no more think of offending my parents’ decision. I will be vivacious by putting veil on my desire just for my parents’ happiness. Ego: I am really very sorry. I had no other option to persuade you. Try to compromise with your wishes. I will always be there to support your melancholy soul. May your life be shrouded with happiness and enjoy.    ]]>

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