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Brep tense after killings

BREP (UPPER CHITRAL), Oct 28: People here celebrated Eidul Azha in shock and the village is still tense after a youth shot dead a woman before killing himself a few days earlier. When the bodies of two victims were brought back from hospital after postmortem on Friday, tension gripped the locality where the killings had taken place. As the man and woman both belonged to the same Rustaman Deh, the inhabitants had prepared the graves for both the victims in the ancestral graveyard. However, the relatives of the woman did not allow the opponents to bury the man there. As a result, the body of the male victim was buried near his house. Later, there was also a clash between the two groups. Meanwhile, the Mastuj police have registered an FIR against the relatives of the man and are investigating. It may be noted that for the last a few years, the two groups within the clan have been at daggers drawn over different issues. Last year, there was also a clash between them; as a result, scores of people from both the groups were put behind bars. Speaking to the Eid gathering at Central Jamat Khana of Brep, Al-Waiz Shaukat Ali expressed shock over the incident. He held the society as a whole responsible for such incidents. He said parents and teachers had failed to discharge their responsibilities of guiding the new generation to follow the teachings of their religion. He said we are also drifting away from our centuries-old traditions, leading to such incidents which were never even thought of in the past.]]>

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