Youth commits suicide after killing woman

Waqar Ahmed 

BREP (CHITRAL), Oct 25: In a gruesome and very unfortunate incident, a youth killed a female student of a local college and then committed suicide here early Thursday.

Sakhawat Khan, 28, son of Sher Nadir of Rustaman Deh, wanted to marry Mehbooba alias Buba,  daughter of Pehlwan Khan of the same clan, but the later refused his proposal. Today, when the girl was going to her college, Sakhawat encountered her and asked her to marry him but she again turned down his proposal.

At this, the youth got enraged and shot the girl by a pistol. She died about four hours after being shot. The enraged man shot himself in the head and died on the spot. The woman was a third-year student at the local  Jubilee College. The Mastuj police took the bodies to Chitral town for postmortem. 

The incident has shocked people of the entire area, as it is first of its kind in this peaceful valley, about 100 kilometres north of Chitral town. It may be noted here that there is no system of telecommunication in the area. Though a few wireless telephones are used here, they are not dependable due to poor signal receipt.

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  1. If such trends are not discourged and students are note given orientation and guidance about their future life and the chllenges of modern day world, the situation may worsen. This incident may put negative impact on other students. Teenagers must be told something above love, its true concept and repect for fellow human beings.

  2. This is complete nonsense and height of passion. A sensible person can never go to the extent of killing a woman and committing suicide. There must be some mentally disturbed people but society should properly take care of such elements before they crossed all norms of decency.

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