Kidnapping bid creates panic in Chitral

CHITRAL, Oct 25: Panic gripped people here when some car riders tried to kidnap two small children in Ayun on Wednesday.

Reports said that Madiha Jabeen, a student of class 4, and her brother Yawar Ahmed, a student of nursery, were picked by unknown people riding a car in Ayun. The two children of Sharif Khan, a schoolteacher, were going to their school when the incident occurred.

The car riders after grabbing the children put something on their mouths to keep them silent and drove out of the village. However, soon afterwards the girl somehow managed to scream forcing the unknown kidnappers to drop them near the Marble Factory after crossing the Ayun bridge.

Reports said, the young girl later said that the car riders were speaking in Urdu language. After getting information, the police started a hunt for the alleged kidnappers but there was no clue to them. People here have expressed shock over the incident and asked the police to enhance its monitoring of outsiders coming to Chitral.

With the news of the kidnapping bid, parents here have become extra cautious, keeping their children indoors.  

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