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Is Chitral immune to child labour?

ZAIT (CHITRAL), Oct 25: Child labour has so far been portrayed as an issue of the urban areas. There has not been any mention of the menace in our society though children have always been exploited, abused and put to domestic work not compatible with their tender hands and shoulders. 

Child labour often harms the physical, mental or social development of children and physically strenuous activities and lack of proper nutrition may lead to stunted growth. Although, child labor is a common practice in a country like Pakistan as we have seen so many in the urban areas, but it is still quite rare in Chitral.

The Holy Quran says, “Indeed, those who believe and do good works are the best of created beings”. Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “The most excellent part of faith is that you should like other people to have what you like for yourself”.

Sanaullah, a little mechanic, belongs to Mujgol and he is working in a local motorcycle workshop in an adjacent shop near Mujgol Bridge. His weak shoulders start to take the burden of the heavy task in a very tender age.

ChitralToday sat with the little mechanic and tried to know his parents’ compulsion to send him out to work in such a harsh environment every morning.

The excepts of the interview are as under: Readers may be reminded that the left leg of the boy was operated upon some time back in Peshawar with one of his ankles bending backward. How old are you? Little Mechanic: I am 12 years. What is the reason that you have joined this profession instead of going to school?

Little Mechanic: Due to poverty, I have been working here in this particular shop for the last two years. When did you leave your school?

Little Mechanic: I left the school when I was in class 2nd.

What is your father’s profession?. Isn’t his income enough to send you to school?

Little Mechanic: My father is unemployed, while my elder brother is working in a shop in Peshawar hardly gets little income that could be sufficient for the whole family. What about your income?

Little Mechanic: It is up to the owner when he wishes he gives me some rupees but it isn’t fixed. Do you want to go to school or you want? Little Mechanic: Yes, I have great zeal to go to school and fond of to getting education. What would you like to say your well-off and politicians and what will be your demands and if any philanthropist likes to help you?

Little Mechanic: If anyone helps me in getting education, I will leave this workshop and start going to a nearby school. Who is your ideal personality? Little Mechanic: Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

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  1. Naru Naru, USA says

    It is my wish that all children should have the opportunities for education. Educating the children of Chitral, who are so eager to learn, can change the life for all the people. First of their families, then villages, then country, then on a global scale. It is through these children that the changes will come. I stand as a voice for these children in the USA and hope one day I will be able to see these kids realizing their dreams.

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