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Experts discuss streamlining Khowar alphabets

CHITRAL, Oct 22:  Khowar scholars and teachers at a day-long workshop here discussed the ways how to streamline and bring uniformity into the alphabets of the language as it is set to be included in the primary level syllabus from the next academic session in the valley.

The seminar held at Commerce College hall was organized under the auspices of Anjuman-i- Taraqi-i-Khowar supported by Mother Tongue Institute for Education and Research (MIER).

Writers, poets, educationists, intellectuals from the entire district participated in the workshop. Farid Ahmad, the president of MIER, briefed the participants regarding alphabets, orthography and Khowar writing.  As Khowar has been included in the syllabus at the primary level by provincial government, MIER arranged this workshop for introducing Khwoar writing in a uniform shape.

He said that some 14 languages were spoken in Chitral and “we want to protect them by their documentation.” Taj Mohammad Figar said the inclusion of the Khowar language in the syllabus was the best step for promotion and recognition of the language at the national level. Professor Mumtaz Hussain and Mukaram Shah also hailed the effort for streamlining Khowar language, which is the language of the people not only in Chitral but also in some parts of Gilgit-Baltistan.

During the workshop, the writers were given the task of translating Khowar into Urdu and from Urdu to Khowar. A large number of scholars, writers, educationists, poets and intellectuals participated in the workshop and termed it a milestone in promotion of the language.

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