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Drosh: Poets asked to play their role in promotion of peace

DROSH (CHITRAL), Oct 18: A Mushaira was held at the Government Middle School, Drosh, with the aim of creating awareness and protecting Chitral’s unique culture, including diversity of its languages, and also promote peace not only in the valley but also outside of it. [caption id="attachment_4928" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ameenur Rehman Chughtai[/caption] The programme was organized under the auspices of a local civil society organization called Preserving Indigenous Culture and Languages (PICL). The ceremony was presided over by Ameenur Rehman Chughtai, a prominent writer, educationist and poet of Khowar language. President of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)’s Chitral chapter Shahzada Khalid Parvez was chief guest on the occasion on behalf of his father MNA Shahzada M0hiuddin. Poets and literary persons from all parts of the district attended the rally in a large number. Speaking on the occasion, Ajaz Ahmad Ajaz, the president of PICL, welcomed the poets and guests and highlighted the aims and objectives of his organization. He said the platform was working to promote Khowar poetry that always conveys the message of peace and love to the whole world. He said some 14 languages are spoken in Chitral and “We have a very distinguished and unique culture which is famous for peace in the world”. He said PICL will be working for preserving these languages and Chitral’s unique culture. He also stressed the need that poets should play their vital role for conservation of our cultural heritage and assets and preserving our languages from outsiders’ invasion. Poets from the entire district participated in the session. They presented different items, lyrics, poems on different issues confronting Chitral and the whole country. Poet Ameenur Rehman Chughtai on the occasion read a special poem hailing the sacrifices and resilience of student peace activist Malala Yousufzai and paid her rich tribute. The audience gave accolades to the poet for the piece. President Unjumani Taraqi Khowar Professor Naqeebullah Razi, Principal Anwaruddin, Ameenur Rehman and Shahzada Khalid Parvaiz while speaking on the occasion appreciated the efforts of the PICL for rendering meritorious services for the preservation of Chitral’s languages and culture. A large number of people were also present on the occasion.]]>

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  1. Adnan Zainul Abiden says

    Salute to the renowned educationist, thinker and poet Mr Aminur Rehman Chughtai for his unending and nice contribution towards positive change of the society through education and dissemination of knowledge.
    Both thumbs up for the PICL too.

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