Ex-MNA asks DPO to apologize for extortion charges

CHITRAL, October 14: Former MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has asked District Police Officer (DPO) Abdur Rashid Khan to apologize for his alleged attempt to scandalize his character.
Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Abdul Akbar said that in a meeting of district heads of all the political parties at the DCO office the other day, the “DPO had tacitly pointed towards me in my absence that I was involved in extorting money from the local drug pushers.”
He said that if the district police chief failed to apologize to him, he would face a defamation suit of 100 million rupees in the court of law.
He said the statement of the police was quite reckless and rubbish in nature and it meant to obscure his wrongdoings.
He reiterated that since the posting of the incumbent DPO in the district, the drug pushers have become active and are carrying out their activities without any fear of the law and he has always criticized the local police for this. “It is due to this reason that the DPO tried to malign my character in his absence but he will not escape from its consequences,” he added.—Zahiruddin
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