1,000 teachers to be appointred

GILGIT, Oct 13: Gilgit-Baltistan Minister for Education Dr. Ali Madad Sher has said the local government has approved a plan to address the shortage of teachers in the region. Talking to this correspondent here, the minister said more than 1,000 vacancies of teachers were being created. The minister said that these vacancies are at middle level staff and most of the schools constructed or upgraded were on political basis and were initiated to oblige the local population to gain the political gains. He said such schools are numbered in hundreds and have enrolled thousands of students but could not provide them teaching facilities because there are no teachers to post them to those schools. When asked how long this would take time the minister said the whole process would complete by end of the first month of forthcoming year 2013. Meanwhile, he disclosed that currently a ban has been imposed on construction of schools building until and unless the schools already completed are provide teachers. He said though buildings are constructed and land compensation has been paid but those building could not be utilized due to unavailability of teachers. He said the new mechanism devised presently will ensure that govt funds utilized on construction will benefit the citizens and those funds are not wasted. The minister divulged that lack of even chowkidars also contribute to damage of the buildings which are gradually abandoned.]]>

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