Work on Boroghil road begins

MASTUJ, Oct 6: The federal government has launched work on metalling the Boroghil road which will ultimately be expanded into the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan before linking Pakistan with the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan. Sources told that  engineers from National Highway Authority (NHA) had started work on black-topping of the 65-km-long Booni-Boroghil road at a cost of millions of rupees. It may be noted that people of Gilgit-Baltistan had been exerting pressure on the government to shift the project to their side. But experts said the Chitral side was most viable and safe. Besides, the distance between Boroghil and the Tajikistan border is just 18 kilometres. On the other hand, the distance from Gahkuch and the Tajik border is 102 kilometres. Besides, after construction of the Lowari Tunnel in Chitral, it has become more feasible to build the road through that district.The people of Chitral said the project would bring revolutionery changes in teh area as it would open up the area to all sorts of development. They welcomed teh decision of the government to star work on the project and demanded taht it should be completed on a priority basis.]]>

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