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Cattle grazing rights in Chitral being 'regulated'

PESHAWAR, Oct 4: The department of home and tribal affairs has prepared a draft of amendments in different sections of the forest ordinance 2002 to regulate the cattle grazing rights in the state pasture of Chitral. The recommendations have been sent to Department of Environment to incorporate it in Joint Forest Management (Community Participation) Rules 2004. The guidelines given in the said draft rules are to be called as “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Joint Forest Management (Community Participation) and Cattle Grazing Rules, 2012.” The introduction and promulgation of community participation rules would resolve the dispute arising out of the cattle grazing in district Chitral. It is pertinent to mention here that superior courts have also time and again issued necessary directions for formulation of cattle grazing rules for state’s pasture in district Chitral. In view of the circumstances, the home and tribal affairs department has made the draft amendments in the relevant sections of the forest ordinance of 2002. The department of home has also urged the environment department for framing the same rules and to notify it as soon as possible.–APP ]]>

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