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ANP workers uproot plaque unveiled by Salim Khan

Salim Khan.--file photo

CHITRAL, Oct 2: Workers of Awami National Party (ANP) uprooted the plaque unveiled at Parade Ground the other day by minister Salim Khan of the PPP to declare open a development project.
The two allies in the provincial government have been at daggers drawn over inauguration of the projects in the district.
The ANP workers claimed that the development projects were completed with the special funds of the chief minister but the PPP minister was trying to take political credit by opening them. The ANP local leaders contended that the inaugural ceremony of the projects should be performed by a provincial minister of ANP or its leadership. Salim Khan is the minister for population welfare and was elected on the ticket of the PPP in the 2008 elections.
An office-bearer of ANP, Mohiuddin Kruch, said the PPP provincial minister had no right to inaugurate the works completed by the ANP. He said they had approached the district coordination officer to prevent the minister from indulging in such useless and futile practices and to confine himself to the inauguration of the projects completed out of his own development funds.
He said the repair of the Parade Ground was included in the special development package of the chief minister but the PPP minister made a bid to inaugurate it which they foiled.
DCO Rahmatullah Wazir said the ANP leaders had approached him regarding their reservations. He said he had directed the executive engineer of the C&W department to stop the inauguration but the ceremony was held as scheduled.
The provincial minister could not be approached from comments as he had gone to the Kalash valley of Birir to inaugurate some other development works there.–Zahiruddin
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  1. Iqbal Qalandar says

    A DCO issues directives to a minister where he should go? What he should do? Where should he stay and which project he should inaugurate? I am afraid the DCO might ask the minister next time to visit his hometown Kandojal after getting proper permission from him. Had there been some other minister, he would have suspended the DCo with immediate effect but poor Salim has to protect his post and the insult done by the tiny bureaucrat is a big slap on the face of all the Chitralis. One must keep this in mind that if you are not a good administrator, you are a failed person. So my dear Salim just wake up from the deep slumber and do not insult the Chitralis by bowing down before a tiny bureaucrat. The DCO, the DPO, the IG police, the chief commissioner all of them are being paid from the taxpayers’ money. They are there to serve us but they should not be allowed to insult public representatives.

  2. Hussain says

    @Ali Hassan, Lotkuh: Just read the story carefully before reelecting your darling Salim Khan. This is unbelievable. A DCO issues directives to executive engineer of C&W to bar the minister from inaugurating a project, which is quite shameful. The DCO seems more powerful than the minister and we are forced to believe that Salim Khan is a puppet minister and the real authority is the district coordination officer Mr Rehmatullah Wazir, the great man. We urge all the bureaucrats to tighten the grip around these corrupt political lot. The ANP workers have done a great job. Don not allow anybody to befool the masses. The helplessness of the minister concerned or how powerful is he could be seen in the photographs along with chief secretary KP, where he welcomes him like a junior police officer of ASP rank. My dear Salim just quit politics and restart the business you had been doing before entering politics because that suits you very much. And yes if this is not acceptable to you just prove yourself by immediately transferring the DCO as it is the man who encouraged ANP workers to cut the plaque into pieces. Mr. Salim this is a challenge or we will be forced to call you a puppet minister.

  3. Ali Hassan , Lotkuh says

    We condemn this act, Mr.Salim Khan is our elected representative and the government had allocated funds on his request, inaugurating a project initiated by him is his right. Some friends are expressing joy because of it, its not a matter of joke, the ANP who has appointed a ranker as DCO here are insulting people of Chitral and their representatives. They are promoting the DCO as if he is an elected representative not a public servant. The DCO House has become a hub of conspiracies and scandals. But I am hopeful that ANP will not succeed in accomplishing its dream of “Pashtunization” of non-Pashtun areas in KPK.
    Regarding next elections, some friends are flying really high, I pray that May God give them courage enough to accept the results, because analysts are predicting a huge setback for the winds of change. Ideological and old workers have left the party. The leader who had promised not to include feudals and old politicians is now begging and is seen on door steps of Chaudaris, Waderas, Nawabs and Sardars. All his team is comprised of the biggest landlords and feudal of this country who are actually screwing the poor. How can his party members claim that they are winds of change or anti feudal system. Political analysts are saying that wind of Change surrendered to the status quo in Pakistan and lost its charm
    Supporters of so called change are criticizing those who have served the people, who have been tested and accepted. Just few slogans and hate speeches cannot make an impact. People of Chitral are aware enough, they have been electing their representatives since 1953 and they know power of their votes.
    Winds of change should come up with some positive ideas that could attract masses, copying the old tactic of blaming other politicians to gain support has been a failure in Chitral. Remember that.
    Salim Khan we the workers of Pakistan People’s Party and Jiyalas of Quaid-e-Awam Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto stand by you and will elect you again and again. We are not afraid of any Nationalist Party or any Test-tube infant parties. Such parties are evolved and dissolved within years, But Bhutto’s name is an eternity.

  4. Maqbool Hussain (Kishmanja, Sonoghur) says

    The presence of ANP in Chitral has become a matter of grave concern for all of us, as activists of the party seem hell-bent on replacing our beautiful Chitrali Pakhol (cap) with the red ‘Arghaniyan khoi’. The women activists of the party can be seen wearing red shawls while some even feel proud of communicating in Pashto. If not discouraged, this trend will destroy the Chitrali culture, its language, civilization etc within a few years. According to insiders, some female diehard ANP workers, impressed by Bacha Khan, have also shown interest in joining the female security guards’ squad of Asfandyar Wali Khan, the ANP chief. But they were stopped by a senior party leader, fearing resistance by Chitrali people. This is time the people of Chitral must stand up otherwise Chitral will soon become a Pashtoon-dominated area and we will be declared a minority like Kalash.

  5. Israr Auzhoric says

    Plz don’t fight with each other because your projects are not going to make any difference to the public opinion keeping in view your overall performance at the provincial and federal level. You better keep your relations close to the Q League as well so that you gain some weight otherwise the winds of next election are so strong that it will leave behind anything for your next generations to remember.

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