ANP workers uproot plaque unveiled by Salim Khan

Salim Khan.--file photo

CHITRAL, Oct 2: Workers of Awami National Party (ANP) uprooted the plaque unveiled at Parade Ground the other day by minister Salim Khan of the PPP to declare open a development project.
The two allies in the provincial government have been at daggers drawn over inauguration of the projects in the district.
The ANP workers claimed that the development projects were completed with the special funds of the chief minister but the PPP minister was trying to take political credit by opening them. The ANP local leaders contended that the inaugural ceremony of the projects should be performed by a provincial minister of ANP or its leadership. Salim Khan is the minister for population welfare and was elected on the ticket of the PPP in the 2008 elections.
An office-bearer of ANP, Mohiuddin Kruch, said the PPP provincial minister had no right to inaugurate the works completed by the ANP. He said they had approached the district coordination officer to prevent the minister from indulging in such useless and futile practices and to confine himself to the inauguration of the projects completed out of his own development funds.
He said the repair of the Parade Ground was included in the special development package of the chief minister but the PPP minister made a bid to inaugurate it which they foiled.
DCO Rahmatullah Wazir said the ANP leaders had approached him regarding their reservations. He said he had directed the executive engineer of the C&W department to stop the inauguration but the ceremony was held as scheduled.
The provincial minister could not be approached from comments as he had gone to the Kalash valley of Birir to inaugurate some other development works there.–Zahiruddin
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