A forgotten hero's appeal

I am the man who hoisted Pakistan’s flag on the besieged fort of Skardu on 14th August 1948. An appeal to my brother Asif Ali Zardari to acknowledge the services of those who liberated Gilgit-Ballistan from Dogra Raj and Indian occupation.
We both are descendants of Adam and Eve, hence we are brothers. Therefore, my brother should be kind to me and my fellow warriors who fought for liberating Skardu fort in 1948. To my brother, my contention is very brief. We ware 3,000 strong. Out of them, nine embraced martyrdom and 2,991 returned triumphant.
On return, we were humiliated by Liaqat Ali Khan’s government. Our commanders were arrested, our weapons confiscated and our luggage snatched by the Gilgit administration. During the past 62 years, there was no ruler who could give due rights, rewards, medals or compensation to the unsung heroes who dislodged the Dogra force from Skardu fort in 1948. I am the only survivor out of the contingent of six heroes who hoisted Pakistan’s flag on the fort of Skardu. I give out this appeal to my brother Zardari for compensating those who fought for liberating the Skardu fort and still remain unrecognized.

Rakin Gul
Brep, upper Chitral

(Sept 24, 2012)


2 Replies to “A forgotten hero's appeal”

  1. Miki Xan forget President Asif Ali Zardari as he will ever hear you even by mistake. At the moment, he is busy how to consolidate his grip on power. He has no time to read the history as he is a present-day capitalist. On the one hand, the Swiss graft cases are haunting him with the Supreme Court continuously pressing him for writing a letter to Swiss authorities, while on the other hand, he is desperately trying to get more allies for another term to further destabilize Pakistan internally and externally. You better contact his cronies having ministerial positions and minting money by developing housing colonies in Islamabad, using some relatives’ name to hide their corruption. Though we have no hope that they may understand the worth of our heroes like you. But make sure one thing that the Chitrali nation is proud of you despite you being pennyless. These corrupt bugs just know how to suck the blood of poor people. We salute you, may God help you, believe in him and do not request people like Zardari and cronies, who are professional thieves and have no respect for their heroes. You are a hero of the people like me, Junaid and many others!

  2. Our government should take care of our heroes!
    Chitral Today, thanks for giving voice to the voiceless and thanks for all the good work you are doing!

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