Is there a threat to peace?

Reports say the federal government has alerted the Gilgit-Baltistan government that terrorists might strike in the Ghizer district and particularly on the road linking the area with Chitral. The districts of Ghizer and Chitral have been known for all their peace, tranquility and harmony and its people have lived in peace for centuries. But it seems that this has not gone well with the imperialistic rulers of Pakistan who have now decided to destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the area, as they have done in other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan, through the fire of sectarianism. The majority of the people of Ghizer belong to the Ismaili school of thought followed by those belonging to the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. There are a handful of families who follow the Shia school of thought and all these people have lived in peace and harmony in the region for years. Though it is a fact that there has never been any case of sectarian clash or violence in the Ghizer district but the fire of sectarianism engulfing other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan has put its negative and far-reaching effect on the area due to its very proximity to the Gilgit city which has always been the epicenter of the clashes and target killings. A number of innocent people belonging to Ghizer district have also fallen victims to the sectarian killings in the Gilgit city. But even then, the masses of the Ghizer district have demonstrated high sense of patience and responsibility and remained in peace. As the Gilgit city is the capital of the region, people from Ghizer have to come to the city on a daily basis but the trials and tribulations they have to suffer while coming to and going back from the capital city are part of another story. But despite all these, the people of Ghizer have never tried to add fuel to fire or take the law into their own hands. Even when a police constable was brutally gunned down last month, the local residents buried him with peace and never tried to give it a sectarian colour only because they did not want to become part of the senseless killings and mayhem that have brought the whole region to the verge of destruction for years. Because they also knew well that if they enflamed the fire of sectarianism, they would not be able to come out of it easily and even their forthcoming generations would also be burning it. When the district of Ghizer was being presented as an example of peaceful coexistence and tolerance, the report from the federal government agencies that a particular religious sect might be targeted in Ghizer and that the Chitral-Ghizer road might be used for this is very shocking and disgusting to say the least. The news about the report spread so quickly that despite repeated denial by Speaker of the legislative assembly Wazir Baig, there are still speculations among the masses of the area, which have created panic and restlessness among the people. The provincial government and the district administration officials through their acts have strengthened the suspicion that the district is faced with dire consequences. In this regard, they have banned ply of private transport vehicles on the Gilgit-Chitral road and only TATCO buses are being allowed there. Besides, five village committees have been formed and all numberdars have been called to Gahkuch, the headquarters of the district. Meanwhile, non-local people are not being allowed to enter the area between Gupis and Shandur. People are being allowed entry into the district after checking their national identity cards. There are also reports that Gilgit Scouts personnel are being deployed in the area to keep an eye on suspicious people. NATCO buses will be guarded by scouts and police and there will be no movement of the vehicles at night. All this shows that there is something fishy and anti-peace elements are out to spoil the peace of the area by targeting some innocent people to achieve their nefarious designs. One thing is for sure and that is the government cannot stop sectarian violence and killings by deploying security forces because had it been the case it would have got success in checking the scourge in the Gilgit city where thousands of security personnel have been deployed for years. The only way to defeat the anti-peace elements and maintain peace in the area is through the resolve and commitment of the masses. If they want to foil all conspiracies they can do it. It must be kept in mind that Ghizer is the land of martyrs and Ghazis and the people of the area have rendered lots of sacrifices in wars. Now they can also play their role in defeating the terror elements and those forces of darkness who want to pitch the area people against each other by igniting the fire of sectarianism. At this moment, it is very encouraging that the people of Ghizer are united and they know very well the results of playing with the fire of sectarianism. In Gahkuch, Ahle Sunnat leader Maulana Zakir Ghayas has appealed to the people to keep an eye on all outsiders as the government alone cannot be trusted for maintenance of peace. He warned that if anybody was found sheltering any terrorist, his house would be razed. After the appeal of Maulana Ghayas, it becomes binding on all the residents to get united against all terror elements to maintain peace in their area. It is a fact that terrorists also need some sanctuary and help from within a society to carry out their nefarious designs and if that is not coming from the locals they can never get success. It is being expected that the people of Ghizer, through their unity, would very soon dispel the impression being spread by federal government agencies about the threat to peace of the area.–Weekly Baang]]>

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  1. This is terrible! After Ghizer, their next target would be Chitral. Oh, God, save our land from terrorists! Chitralis, be prepared, get united and defend your land of peace!!

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