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People of upper Chitral also rise against blasphemers

BOONI, Sept 21: A peaceful but huge rally participated by members of all sections of society and leaders and followers of different political parties held in the main bazaar of Booni condemned the blasphemous film made in the US on Friday. The participants of the rally marched through different areas of the town and reached at the main Booni bazaar. They were chanting slogans against the US and the makers of the movie. Hafiz Khosh Wali Khan, after recitation from the Holy Quran, strongly condemned the act of the film makers and said the enemies of the Prophet of Islam were the enemies of the entire Muslims. “Yahud-u-Nasara will never be our friends unless we will adopt their religion and never be faithful to Quran and Prophet (SAW),” he said. While admiring the decision of the government to observe the day against blasphemous act, he said Pakistan should also challenge the West as the latter was challenging the Muslims through drone attacks and imprisoning innocent people like Afia Siddiqi. “We are proud of Pakistan to be a nuclear power but of what purpose all these nuclear arsenals?” he asked sarcastically. Prominent political figure of subdivision Mastuj, Syed Sardar Hussain, while speaking on the occasion, said these acts of blasphemy had no effect on the great personality of holy prophet (PBUH) and this gathering  is not to defend the greatness of the prophet but to pay homage to him and it shows that we have love for Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). “Our country is under US influence due to aids and loans taken by our successive government but we the Chitralis have not taken a single penny from the US in the form of USAID projects. “I pay tribute to Iran for its bold step against the US, and that country has attained a respectable position in the Muslim countries. Our parliament has become a centre of US stooges. We are living in a country where a dog in Islamabad eats a food pack coming from America amounting to 1,500 rupees  but the majority of the poor people of Pakistan are unable to get even one time bread,” he shockingly said. While speaking on the occasion, both Zafar and Mukhtar Lal thanked the youths for participating in the rally in a large number. He also condemned the act of blasphemy with strong words. “We will defy the US agents working here in our country and get united not letting the sectarian sentiments aired in our area. We strongly condemn the Islamic countries that have given control to US over their resources,” Mr Zafar said.]]>

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