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Desperate ex-banker 'buys' Soneri post

ISLAMABAD, Sept 19: Sabz Ali, a former branch manger of Bank of Khyber (BoK), has finally emerged victorious, clinching the lucrative slot of branch manager Soneri Bank, Chitral, defeating all his opponents like the past, it is learnt. The sources close to Mr Ali who wished not be named revealed that all this happened after he made a commitment of making hectic efforts to amass Rs20 billion deposit by December otherwise he will be at the mercy of the bank, which can terminate his service with immediate effect. The energetic Mr Ali is now back to banking industry – a profession he loves the most –with a gigantic task with bundle of notes around him and a firm commitment to give tough time to all his opponents who left no stone unturned to block his entry. The sources said that after the story was published in Chitral Today, Mr Ali intensified efforts, used all available options, fearing any negligence from his side at this critical juncture may result in losing the well-paid slot. They said his powerful boss in Karachi also refused to pay any heed to the advice of the bank’s regional office in Islamabad when his attention was drawn towards his old age factor, which flouts the bank’s policy. But the lady luck smiled on him when a potential candidate with a huge experience in the banking sector refused to take over after Mr Ali was made part of his team and turned down the position of branch manager straightaway, paving the way for Mr Ali to rule Soneri single handedly. The Soneri Bank has a policy that nobody above 60 years of age will be hired and in pursuance of laid down rules the bank had already refused to renew the contract of its former branch manager Taj Mohammad some months back. It was also learnt that hiring of Mr Ali is a clear violation of the bank’s laid down rules which may give birth to more controversies and his opponents may likely challenge his appointment in the court. A source privy to the development revealed that Mr Ali is over the moon, distributing sweets among his friends at Bank Islami, BoK etc., after he was told that he had been appointed as branch manager at Soneri Bank, Chitral. They further said a well-thought conspiracy against Mr Ali was being hatched by his colleagues belonging to the above mentioned banks, who are dead sure his entry as branch manager will be the last nail in the coffin of Soneri Bank in Chitral. The BoK Chitral, where Mr Ali had served as branch manager from 1992 to 2010, and Bank Islami are the main competitors against Soneri Bank. The managements of these two banks are believed to be acting as a wolf in sheep clothing against him as they are sure his appointment will help them fail the bank in the area. According to sources, the above mentioned banks could make Soneri easily controversial spreading rumours among the people. ]]>

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