PTI: people of Chitral have given their verdict

CHITRAL, Sept 18: The leaders of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral have said the historic public rally Imran Khan in Chitral had proved that the people of this backward area also yearned for a change. They claimed that the party will clean sweep the forthcoming polls in the area. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Abdul Latif, Rahmat Ghazi Khan, Mohammad Qasim, Haji Nasiruddin and others said the party chief had announced a clear vision about the rapid progress of Chitral. They said exploitation of the tremendous potential of hydro-power generation in the valley will be first and foremost priority of the party as envisioned by Imran Khan which will weed out poverty on one hand and drive the country out of the morass of power shortage. The PTI leaders also enumerated the utilization of mineral resources, efficient natural resource management to create job opportunities for youth, linking Chitral with the Central Asian states via Tajikistan and establishment of a university as some other components of the party for the progress of Chitral. They said that it was for the first time the party has decided to bring forth the hitherto neglected Kalash community by giving it representation in the national and provincial assemblies and for this purpose it will nominate a Kalash resident as its candidate for minority seat. They said that the party chief has attached a great importance to this backward area and for this purpose he drove for fifteen hours to reach Chitral to address the people who were eagerly waiting for him.–Zahiruddin]]>

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