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Chitralis also want a new Pakistan, says Imran

CHITRAL, Sept 15: Addressing a mammoth rally in Chitral on Saturday, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said he had come to Chitral after 11 years passing through the Lowari Tunnel. [caption id="attachment_3969" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Imran at Chitral"][/caption] “Zardari and Nawaz Sharif would have died of heart attack if they had to travel through the tunnel,” he added. He said that people in Chitral often used Afghanistan rout to enter other parts of Pakistan. Khan said that there was danger of an accident in the tunnel. He said that the people of Chitral wanted a system of justice and see new a Pakistan. “In new Pakistan your money would be spent on you, your forests have been cut by timber mafia that could land you in trouble.” Imran said the PPP government had done a great injustice to the people of Chitral by stopping work on Lowari tunnel project by diverting its funds to Multan and Larkana. Talking about the blasphemous film, Khan said that the people of the West were ignorant of Islam and it was their ignorance which was being manipulated by the people spreading hate against the religion. “They do not know how much we love our beloved Prophet (pbuh) … that Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives for him,” said Khan. “I take the responsibility to educate them about how much we love our beloved Prophet (pbuh),” he said. Addressing other issues and promising a new Pakistan, Khan talked about development, education, jobs and hospitals in Chitral. He promised the people of Chitral that PTI would work on their development so they would not have to rush back and forth to Peshawar. He said that as per its economic policy, PTI would generate jobs for them, create hospital and colleges. The PTI chief said that at least 3000MW of electricity could be generated from the springs of Chitral. “You should not be facing loadshedding,” said Khan. “Every spring can generate electricity … Chitral can progress and cheap electricity will take you forward.” He added that the royalties from the generated electricity could be used to make universities so the Chitrali youth would not have to go elsewhere to study. Speaking on development in Chitral, Khan said that the lack of progress on the Lowari tunnel was not due to monetary problems. “There was money but it went into their pockets; it went out of the country,” he said. “You all want change, a new Pakistan, a just system, release from old politicians,” said Khan, adding that this was what PTI was offering. He said that PTI would ensure the development funds would go to the locals and they would get to decide where that money should be spent.]]>

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