Chitrali clothes’ brand to be launched in Canada

LAHORE, Sept 14:  Chitral, a tourist place in northern Pakistan, is recognised around the world for its eye-catching views, culture, sports, traditions and lifestyles, especially in the shape of the people Kalash. Chitral’s polo is also a significant feature known all over the world. In order to introduce the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Chitral, an indigenous ready-to-wear garments brand called ‘Shubinak’ has planned to open an international outlet at Edmonton AB, Canada, after successfully promoting it in Lahore and Peshawar. While talking to the press, the brain behind ‘Shubinak’, Moiz Farooq, was of the view that he and his team had always envisioned ‘Shubinak’ as a global brand and had put a lot of effort in satisfying international standards and benchmarks. He added that Pakistan was their base and one of their many potential markets, with its own factors and variables. He said that Canadian weather is ideally suited for the Chitrali “fabric of life”. He added that it is a fabric, which could protect against the coldest of winds, the ones that come out of the glaciers of Pakistan.—Daily Times  ]]>

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