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Retired banker trying to enter Soneri thru backdoor

CHITRAL, Sept 10: If appointments in private institutions like banks are made on criteria other than merit, it would certainly destroy the institutions. But if yardstick for such appointments has even a tinge of affiliations – political, ethnic, sectarianism etc., – it would be catastrophic for a society like ours where peace is closely  liked to harmony and cohesion. The  disturbing news is that one of the leading private banks in Chitral is hiring an individual not on merit but purely on the basis of his close affiliation with a strong group that has been calling the shots in the affairs of institutions owned and operated by a particular community. Well-placed sources told that the top administration of Soneri Bank, which is owned by some businessmen belonging to Karachi, is trying its level best to hire Sabz Ali, who had got retirement from The Bank of Khyber (BoK) Chitral branch after reaching the age of superannuation, as a branch manager in Chitral. They said if Sabz Ali was appointed because of backdoor connections with the owners of the bank in Karachi and Lahore, it would badly affect the working of the bank in the area and create resentment among the educated and well deserving youth. A senior religious leader in the valley on condition of anonymity told this correspondent that the move would strengthen allegations that a mafia in the Ismaili community in Chitral was running the affairs of the Ismaili institutions with nepotism and favoritism. He said this group was also responsible for denying jobs and other facilities to the deserving youths belonging to the Ismaili community. According to him, Mr Ali is the son-in-law of Fida Hussain, a man who has got good connections at the top level from Chitral to Karachi, and he is busy in using his cards to put his so-in-law at his desired position. “Do you think it is justified? No. It isn’t. The bank always operates with the cooperation of businessmen, including support of local people, irrespective of community affiliation,” he maintained. He further objected that Sabz Ali is a retired banker and must not be put at the top management of a bank which is in its infancy. “Our job is to point out to the top management before they pick up people like Sabz Ali, but even then if he is so dear to them we will see how Soneri Bank will flourish in Chitral,” he added. The sources said Sabz Ali had started using his connections with the top management of the bank in Karachi, which has directed the management sitting in Islamabad to accommodate him at any cost. The people of the area have called upon the top management of the bank to think twice before giving the sole opportunity to Sabz Ali, who has already crossed his 60s and what innovation they expect from him. They advised the administration to go for a young educated an energetic person. It may be noted that Saz Ali is a senior retired banker with a degree in International Relations. He had worked as personal secretary to late Hayat Mohammad Khan Sherpao, who was killed in a bomb blast at a rally  in Peshawar in 1975. Sabz Ali joined BoK after Mr Sherpao’s killing and retied some two years back from the BoK Chitral.]]>

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