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Imran’s Sept 15 visit to change Chitral’s political landscape: PTI

CHITRAL, Sept 7: The leaders of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) Chitral, including Abdul Latif, Rahmat Ghazi Khan and Mohammad Qasim, have said the public meeting of the chairman of the party Imran Khan in Chitral on 15th September will be an historic one which will change the very course of local politics.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, they described in detail about the scale and position of preparation in the length and breadth of Chitral to make event a success one. They claimed that disappointed of the other political parties specially PPP and ANP, the people of Chitral are gathering under the banner of PTI as they are sure of the fact that only Imran Khan has the audacity and sincerity to drive Chitral out the morass of backwardness.

The PTI leaders criticized the provincial government for ‘capturing’ the building of polytechnic institute in Chitral to establish a campus of Abdul Wali Khan University. They said that technical education was more important than the general education imparted in the university campus and it was totally unfair to make the people of Chitral to wait for decades for a polytechnic institute.–Zahiruddin

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