Drivers fleecing passengers

ZAIT (CHITRAL), Aug 25: The passengers bound to upper Chitral from the Chitral town are facing problems in the afternoon at the bus station in Kubrisht, Chitral. See the route map from Chitral to Booni here Most of the vans disappear from the bus station before 1pm and only one van stands there for the big crowd of passengers and no one seems botehring to help the stranded passengers especially women who are eager to reach their destinations. Besides, these vogae (taxi) owners are fleecing the passengers and taking about 300 to 400 rupees per head from here to Booni and nearby areas. One of the passengers said the drivers and the station owner were looting innocent citizens. There isn’t proper management for sending vehicles to upper Chitral through numbering. A student said it is unaffordable for them to pay 300 to 400 rupees for reaching their homes in the weekends. Lastly, they requested to the authorities concerned to wake up and solve the problem facing passengers of upper Chitral.]]>

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