An open letter to MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin

An open letter to MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin

Respected MNA Chitral Shahzada Mohiuddin Sahib

I would like to draw your kind attention towards your recent statement in which you threatened the government of Pakistan and the people of Chitral that you will revive the old system of government (State of Chitral) within Chitral, in case the problems of Chitral were not resolved.

It is a remarkable fact that you did a fabulous job within your personal capability for the people of Chitral over the past twenty years from different political platforms. No one can deny these facts regardless of your political affiliations. The people of Chitral will always remember your services and with great certainty, it will be regarded greatly in history.

You are a highly educated and respected person with a great depth of political knowledge; especially in history. Therefore, how can you possibly want to bring back that period of brutality in Chitral? I would like to share a little bit of history with you about this specific matter.

The brutal system which was ruining the lives of many Chitrali families was not lifted by your ancestors. Instead, we salute to the people of Chitral who abolished the system once and for all. It is now very strange and surprising for every individual in Chitral how can you be so proud of the time of inhumanity, barbarism, bloodthirstiness and cruelty? The history itself is a witness that the Mehtars of Chitral (rulers of Chitral) gained absolute authority to interfere wrongly even in the lives of families!

They simply ruined the lives of the Chitrali people by leaving a majority of them homeless, by taking their rightful properties and handing it over to their preferred ones. The system prevalent at that time in Chitral was the classical example of the then British colonial rulers’ policy of “Divide and rule”. Every Mehtar divided and tried to pitch one religious group against the other within Chitral. I have absolutely no hesitation to express the horrible fact that one of the communities in Chitral faced the horrible hunting down and discrimination during the Mehtars’ rule. The Mehtar of Chitral used to force the people within that specific community to convert to another sect of Islam which was wrong and against teachings of Islam.

As the Quran states (in general), it is not right to force someone into a religion, it should be their own choice. There are several examples of such brutalities that happened in Chitral during that specific time. A terrible example of that period was the expulsion of a famous singer from Sonoghour Mr. Ziarat Khan Zarak. He was taken from his home in Sonoghur to Gazu in Tokhow and held there as a prisoner for many years. Chitral’s history is repleted with such acts done by the Mehtars. It can be seen that  you seem to have become a political orphan. At times you are heard of going to Dubai for seeking shelter from the unbranded umbrella of a former dictator.

At times you are favouring and supporting ‘Mr. Ten Percent’ and other times you are seen doing the opposite. I, as a simple Chitrali, humbly request you that you should trust the people of Chitral and ask for help from them. As I mentioned earlier that due to your remarkable services for the people of Chitral, it is your right to ask for the needed support. However, you must not try to bring back the state system to Chitral. We are living in the 21st century, and not in the times of your ancestors. Now Alhamdulillah, there is a literacy rate of 72 percent in Chitral. There is a constitutional government in the province and Chitral is a recognized district of KP.

We do not need to bring back that dark period. We have the sense of freedom of religion now when compared to decades back. We are proud to be a part of our beloved motherland, Pakistan. Lets talk about Ushr; we salute the then Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto when he first visited Chitral in the early 70s he announced to abolish the self-made and dreadful system which was introduced by the Mehtars. After the tiring struggle throughout the year when the crops were ready, the agents (Maliks) of Mehtar forcefully use to divide the little amount of grain that the families could gather in half; taking a half for themselves.

This cruelty affected several farmers and their family members. Is it this system that the MNA wishes to bring back? It is not possible for you to do as you please without asking the people of Chitral who will be affected the most. This is because, once again, we are living in the 21st century, where these types of rules and regulations are absolutely unnecessary and will not be tolerated. During that period of time, there were not such resources and laws put into place for the safety and well-being of citizens. However, time has changed now. I completely agree with Mr. Abdul Akber Chitrali of JI (Jamaat Islami) that this system must not be put back into place in any way possible! In Chitral, a majority of people do not feel comfortable even looking at the fort (the official residence of Mehtars) while passing by it.

A feeling of disgust and sadness revisit them as they are forced to remember the incidents. At times, many refer to it as ‘Zulmato nishaan’ which in general means ‘a dark mark’ which was left behind.


Yours sincerely,

Gul Jee, Toronto,

Canada (July 29, 2012).



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  1. This is complete absurdity, stupidity and humiliation with Chitrali people and humanity. What do you mean exactly by “Mehtar”??
    No more, we are not ignorant. We don’t need any revival. Chitral does not belong to Mehtars, once he ruled it the same way Mughals, British ruled the subcontinent and now its over!!

  2. Debates are interesting as well as shocking! My respectable elders instead of supporting their arguments with proof and logic are criticizing each other openly and targeting a respectable family. This is unfair!”Authority tends to corrupt and absolute authority corrupts absolutely” is a famous political axiom. Methars in those days were the sole and unquestionable ruler of Chitral. It is possible that they have committed certain mistakes as “to err is human” but it does not mean that we should ignore the services rendered by them. They were the pioneer of education in Chitral and among their other services preservations of our culture and our identity are worth mentioning.So instead of criticizing them we should consider their positive roles which you people have almost ignored.In fact, they were much more better than their counterparts like nawabs and walis etc.So please be united and work for the better of our Chitral.
    Irfan Shotkhar, Torkhow.

  3. “I am the eater of the salt of English, will serve them body and soul. Should any enemy (Russia) makes an attempt to pass through this quarter, I will hold the roads and passes with my lion grit until they send me help”.
    These were the beautiful words of our Mehtar. The mehtars were totally selfish for the sake of gaining the blessing of the British. They did cruelity to Chitralis even without realizing that they were their own people. Shuja ul Mulk speeded up the conversion of Ismailis into Sunism after returning from Hajj, an act which was totally against the teachings of Quran and Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the spirit of the Hajj. People come from Hajj and adopt changes in their inner qualities but here it seems brutality had overtaken the then Mehtar’s mind.

  4. Dear Ahmad Ali
    First of all, I condemn your baseless allegation against the Ismailies. You must have to go back to school to learn something specially about Chitral’s history. If you have courage enough and knowledge, please bring up the proofs in support of your allegations. Look your statement, “I forget his name”. You even do not know the man but put such a baseless and useless allegations against a community. This shows your level of knowledge about history. Your knowledge of history is zero. If the Ismailies were trying to bring up an alternative state what about the natives of Kushum village of Mukhow. The Mehtar forced the Dashmaney clan to leave the area and took away their properties by force and handed them over to his loved ones. They were NOT ISMAILIES and still not change their faith. What kind of ridiculous and shameful allegations. Here is another bright example, what about this historical song of Khuda Rahmat of down Chitral. A verse from the song says: “Nashukur bunadam Shukur no aratam tan Chehtarusom, Mehtar Duro ghanitai Ma Balaha dratai shan shotaro sum”. I feel, in fact, I know, this song is a mirror-reflection of the brutality the Mahtar of the time had carried out. So you think this late gentlemen was not an ISLMAILI, he was a SUNNI Muslim, you think he was also trying to get something against the Metars. NO way my friend, you can find these kind of solid proof against Mehtars’ brutality in Chitral’s soil not only in hundreds but thousands.
    Thanks a lot
    Kamran Ali Illahi

  5. Well, as far as marriage, it is not a joke and by tying the knot with daughters of Ismailis, the Mehtars must have seen some political objectives. It is a proven fact that the Mehtars of the time were thought to be highly romantic. They commanded the area with full might besides possessing uncounted for wealth.
    A man marries a woman when she attracts him. You must have heard of the famous story of a Greek woman who was married to a king but fell in love with the prince of Troy. She became a legend as Helen of Troy who toppled two dynasties and went to oblivion. Don’t make fun of those who love someone because love is sacred and a divine relation. Love is blind and those who succeed in getting their beloveds are fortunate. Most of the love stories end in tragedy and if you have gone through this ordeal, you must realize that how life becomes a burden on losing a beloved. It simply kills and life becomes miserable. The Mehtars were fortunate, for which they should be grateful to those who accepted them as their sons-in-law.
    The only thing which touches my heart about these Mehtars is that they always succeeded in getting their beloved one way or the other. In some of the cases, a Mehtar even snatched his beloved from the jaws of a man whom he thought would never do justice to his angel. I am ending with a verse of poem: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” If you are in love, snatch her because she belongs to you only. Never put her in the fire or Allah will never forgive you for your weakness because love is strength.

  6. Ahmad ALi, Lahore: The contribution of His Highness Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III in creation of Pakistan is enough to dispel the impression that Ismailis had even shown interest in a separate state that too in a far-off and remote, backward area like Chitral. They are the most patriotic people and never betrayed any ruler or state. Accusing Ismailis of launching a separate Ismaili state headed by a cleric from Mumbai is rubbish. The Mehtars had done no favour to them and whatever status they enjoyed, it was completely on merit or due to some personal connections. Even today, a large number of Ismailis enjoy very good relations with them.

  7. Ahmad Ali Lahore,, your allegation is baseless and shows your ignorance. Even a shopkeeper in Chitral Bazaar has more knowledge of history than you. You need to read your history again. If there were any traitors at that time then they were the so-called Raja Maharaj and Mahtars like Shujauil Muluk who were more loyal to the British than to their own motherland. People of Chitral were so unfortunate that many of the rulers at that era were the slaves of British. 

  8. @Kamran, yes some of the Ismailis, not all, and I repeat some of the Ismailis, not all, were given tough time by Mehtar Shujaul Mulk in the 1920s. But have you ever thought WHY??
    Let me tell you why! As the Urdu proverb says, ‘taali aik haath sey nahi bachti’. The Ismailis are not angels! When you are a citizen of a country, you have to show some loyalty to that country. In case of the Chitral State, a few Ismailis at that time launched a political agitation under the leadership of a Ismaili cleric from Bombay. I forgot his name. They betrayed the ruler of Chitral and indulged themselves in the political campaign for the Aga Khan State. This campaign was active in those days. So what do you think? Should the Mehtar have welcomed those traitors with flowers?? The punishment for a treason was chopping off the traitors’s head. The real justice would have been chopping their heads off, but there you go, the Mehtar was merciful enough to force them to exile, alive. The decedents of those traitors must be thankful to the Mehtar for his kindness!
    I also like to mention that The Mehtars had very good relations with the Ismailis. Even they married to the daughters of many Ismailis. A large number of Mehtar Aman ul Mulk’s officials were also Ismailis. The Mehtars had no enmity with the Ismaili community. It is very unfortunate that today some people are trying to hide the act of those who campaigned against the Chitral State in the 1920s. Today’s Ismailis have nothing to do with those traitors. All traitors whether Ismaili, Shia or Sunni must be punished!! That’s justice!

  9. Dear editor
    Great and awesome job by your part being done regarding this very important and sensitive issue in Chitral’s history. You have rightly been accommodating every individual’s opinion. No doubt and there is no need of references that the period was totally brutal and unjust and dark. Look almost 85% writers here have declared the period as such with solid and authentic proof.
    Look here Mr Jamshed Kator what he is saying and jumping into conclusion without research saying ‘If the Mehtar did something that was out of the norm for a ruler, please state the Mehtar’s name and who was in the receiving end of the unfair treatment, please provide their names, the date it occurred, the area it occurred and what occurred, if there are supporting documents please provide this. This is a challenge to all our brothers. Please provide proof.”
    Here you go Mr Kator. Are the proofs presented by the commentators not PROOFS, why you are trying to make fun of the Chitrali public by denying and ignoring the most authentic proof. Our honorable educationist, journalist and authors of varies books Dr. Inayatullh Faizi (aS mentioned by Mr. Abid ALI) states in his very famous book (THE WAKHAN CORRIDOR) that “In 1924 the Ismailis of Chitral were given a tough time by the state ruler Shuja ul Mulk who forced them to convert and accept the Sunni creed. Hundreds of thousands of Ismailies fled to Gilgit, Badkshan and Wakhan. They lodged compliants with the political agent and some of their leaders approached the President of Ismalia Council of Bombay. Consequently, an inquiry was conducted by Hopkinsin.” Do you need any other proof or evidence?

  10. I read, re-read the letter and subsequent comments. A large number of participation is encouraging of course; but we should focus on bridging the gaps rather further polarizing the people. Omitting personal remarks and harsh tone of some writers (which is harmful for any purposeful debate) the discussion is good so far. I do not fully agree with the letter writer but I sincerely appreciate his move, which acted as a catalyst in bringing out different opinion about our past; and future prospective.
    On offset let me clear, I too belong to the same tribe to which the letter is about. But be sure of, I am here neither on behalf of Prince Mohiuddin nor anybody else, but I will present my very own views what I believe in, about the subject under discussion.
    For some readers, history might be a boring subject but a bird’s-eye view on history will make our discussion more thoughtful.
    Muhammad Bin Qasim, one of the great generals of Islam, conquered Sindh in 712 AD. Only three years later, he met his tragic end at the hand of Khalifa Sulayman; who arrested the former and tortured him to death purely on political grounds.
    Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni is known as a greatest Muslim warrior; he died on 30th April 1030 AD. Firdausi (the Homer of the east) who wrote ‘Shahanama’ lived in his court. Al-Beruni (writer of Tarikh-ul-Hind) accompanied Mahmud to India. Mahmud raided Hindustan seventeen times in a short span (1000-1027 AD). He made all the raids in the guise of Jihad. But it is a historical fact that “he was a greedy man for gold. He came, burnt, killed, plundered, captured and went.”
    Jalal-ud-din Khalji founded the Khalji dynasty on 13th June 1290. He was very humble and sometimes showed very kindness even to the enemies who fought against him. He appointed Ala-ud-Din-his nephew and son-in-law as a governor of Karah. According to a famous writer “he (Jalal-uddin) loved Ala-ud-din as his own son and was prepared to do anything for him.” One day, Jalal-ud-din went to meet his son-in-law; that day Ala-ud-din treacherously killed him. Jalal-ud-din died while crying “Ala-ud-din wretch! What have you done?” Alau-ud-din acceded to the throne on 1296 AD without any regrets.
    Timur (1336-1405) became the king of Samarkand in 1369 AD. He would love to be known as ghazi and mujahid; he was Hafiz-ul-Quran. He invaded Hindustan to “purify the land from polytheism”. On the other hand, “on Tamerlane’s distant expeditions, where his purpose was only to loot and strike terror, he ordered atrocities that are still remembered. At Eşfahān (Isfahan), in Iran, which had rebelled after surrendering in 1387, he massacred 70,000 people and constructed towers of their skulls. In 1398 at Delhi, in India, he had 100,000 Hindu inhabitants slaughtered and razed the city.”
    Muhai-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb was the third son of Emperor Shah Jahan and one of the most pious Mughal emperors, who forbade drinking, banned prostitution, gambling and obscene singing. But this was nobody but Aurangzeb himself who arrested his old father on 8th June 1658 and kept him in prison for eight years till death; treacherously imprisoned his brother Murad on 25th June 1658; and paraded his own brother and Shah Jahan favorite son Dara Shikoh in most un-dignified manner in the streets of Delhi on 29th August 1659; suppressed Hindus and Sikhs, demolished hundreds of Hindu’s temples; and hanged the ninth of the Sikh gurus Tegh Bahadur for refusing to embrace Islam 1n 1675.
    In a nutshell, Ala-ud-din’s famous quote “Kingship knows no kinship” rightfully explicates the mentality of the rulers and kings and the prevailing customs of those eras.
    I intentionally skipped the stories related to Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Slobodan Milosevic etc. and only highlighted the historical facts about only well-acclaimed Muslim rulers.
    Time has changed now, so is the ruling practices and system. But the rule of the survival of the fittest still prevails in this planet. Suppressing peoples by hook or crook, prolonging monarchy, dictatorship, president ship, premiership etc. by any means, killing innocent people for no reason still exists in one way or the other.
    Give me a break! Two wrongs do not make a right. I do to want to justify any injustices or act of brutality (if any) by any ruler; in this case Mehtar of Chitral.
    I just want to make a sense that “what the Mehtar of Chitral did in 18th or early 19th century” was not more than “prevailing custom of the time” to keep the people united and to avoid internal or external threats.
    “It’s Good, It’s Bad, and It’s Everywhere”. We should condemn the bad but it is also our moral duty to appreciate the good. We may or may not like but it is a fact that there are many respectable names in the royal family who are playing leading roles in Chitral ‘politics, culture, tourism, sports, and social sectors etc. Downplaying their role will serve nobody; and it is neither fair nor easy!
    Let us promote brotherhood. Let us stand for the common good of Chitral!
    My father is a zealous voter of Prince Mohiuddin; but I am not so impressed by ‘prince politics’. We can criticize Prince Mohiuddin on political grounds, but one thing for sure I know, he is a kind person and socially very active and closed to his common voters. He would usually pay visits to the remote areas (where other politicians could hardly be seen), mingles with his voters, shares their happiness, and consoles them in grieves. He would meet the poor, bows to hear them, consoles them, gives weightage to their issues and assures to solve them. For me this could be one of the many reasons of why prince Mohiuddin is a main player in Chitral politics so far.
    Abraham Lincoln used to say “The ballot is stronger than the bullet”. The sad reality is that we as a nation never used the strength of ballot in a proper way. The politicians know very well about our psyche and our division on pathetic issues based on tribe, caste, sect and area.
    I am sorry to say that, we could not produce a single politician who could genially defend our cause at provincial, national or international forum. In six decades of Pakistan history, there is no Chitrali speaker in provincial or national assembly; no interior minister, foreign minister or defense minister; let alone the thought of a Chitrali chief minister, prime minister or a president. I know about minister of tourism in the past and incumbent provincial minister; after sixty years this is not a big deal at all.
    Unless and until we will not change our attitude as a voter, we should not either expect for producing able and competent politicians. We should make it crystal clear to our incumbent representatives and any would be politician that we believe in service not in mere rhetoric slogans. We hate the irresponsible blame games for cheap publicity and to hide one’s own inefficiency and incompetency. We disapprove corruption, favoritism and nepotism.
    Let us forget our bitter memories associated to our past. Let us ignore our differences and focus on our similarities. Let us not to indulge in parochial issues. Let us realize our real strength as a voter. Let us convey a clear message to the politicians that if they were able to help us in materializing our dream for a MODEL CHITRAL; they are our “khadeem” otherwise we will show them ‘back benches’ by ballots but not the bullets!

  11. In other words, ignoring means surrender. A wise man/woman must avoid such things as it is not a good habit. It is a tactic to hide one’s own failure. If some people have finally come to the conclusion that ignoring their critics is the best way to take revenge, they are absolutely wrong. A person should have the quality to give a tit-for-tat response to his/her opponents. If you give up in the middle of the road, you have to accept you are guilty and have nothing to say.
    Dr Inayatullah Faizi, an authentic name, who also enjoys very good relations with the Mehtars, has written epitaphs for some of them, lauding their services on several occasions. But even then, he has accepted that the Ismailis were brutally tortured by the Mehtars. As a result, some of them fled their houses for the sake of their religion.
    I would strongly recommend the readers to have a look at the thesis of Dr Faizi, which gives a complete picture of the matter. It is also a fact that the clerics were also used by the royals.

  12. Mr Wasim, yes you rightly said that one’s writings reflect his/her mindset and it is truly reflecting your mindset. You have called your own ancestors as slaves of Mehtar which I don’t consider to be true. They were those unfortunate people who lived their lives under the bad governance of that era like many Pakistanis who are living under the bad governance of today’s government. Would you like if your children tell others that my father was a slave of Zardari? If not then think before you use the same words for your own forefathers. Stating that slavery is in the blood of people of lower Chitral also reflects your mindset. It reflects your hatred towards other people of Chitral. Saying that we are more educated and enlightened people also reflects how some people are slaves of their own ego. It is the worst kind of slavery which some of you are going through. Education is not just holding a degree but the greatest education is simplicity, love, tolerance, sharing, gratitude and forgiveness. It is encoded in your DNA which unfortunately some of the so-called educated and enlightened minds don’t possess it.

    1. Dear Afzal Aman, let us not waste our time with people who have devoted their time to spreading hate among the people of Chitral. Let us just ignore them!

  13. A man who still votes for PPP due to the charismatic personalities of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto despite bearing all the brunt of corruption, lawlessness, price hike, is worst than a slave. The party which has failed to deliver is exploiting the masses in the name of those leaders who gave their lives for the country, especially democracy. They must be rejected as the incumbent leadership knows nothing about public issues except stuffing their coffers. I would say if you are still a jiyala of PPP, you are a salve or living in a fools’ paradise. Better mend your ways and learn to be a human being who cares for other fellow beings and not all the times harp the tune of Mehtars. Dear guys, I really take pity on you because you still do not know that the world has become a global village but you are still busy in flattering, which will be of no use. Life is too short make best use of it.

  14. @Afzal Aman and Rehmat Wali: Well, finally some humble disciples of the royals have come out. Your writings reflect your mindset that you will never be able to say anything before a prince because you people’s job is to blindly follow them. People like you could not be changed how hard you try. We salute Gul Jee for at least exposing these people.

  15. Gul Gee is right that particularly the Ismaili sect was being targeted by Mehtars. Dr. Inayatullah Faizi says in his thesis The Wakhan Corridor page 117, “In 1924, the Ismailis of Chitral were given a tough time by the state ruler Shujagh ul Mulk, who forced them to convert and accept the Sunni creed. Hundreds of thousands of Ismailis fled to Gilgit, Badkhshan and Wakhan. They lodged complaint before the political agent and some of their leaders approached the President of Ismailis Council Bombay. Consequently, an inquiry was conducted by Hopkinsin in 1925, and the Mehtar was directed to abstain from such atrocities towards his subject.”

  16. This debate hasn’t ended yet. Mr. Writer you should be ashamed of yourself. Your crop of hatred is ready and is giving results. A friend is talking about the independence of Mastuj. Mastuj was part of the Upper Chitrali kingdom (Mastuj-Yasin). It was fully merged into lower Chitral during the reign of Mehtar Shujaul Mulk and Governors were appointed by the Mehtar. The District Mastuj was established during the reign of Mehtar Saifur Rehman who made Chitral constitutional monarchy and introduced democracy and gave all his powers to elected house in 1953.
    There are good people and there are bad people too. One must acknowledge those who did good and criticize those who did nothing, no matter what their social status is. But critcizing people just because of their social and noble status is not fair.
    What have you done for Chitral? What is your contribution, the answer is zero. Sitting in cities and talking about Chitral, you don’t know anything about Chitral. Chitral is a peaceful place where all segments of society live peacefully we don’t know from where have you learned these new concepts.
    We being Muslims and Chitralis strongly believe in the tribal system and respect the nobility. Even the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) used to respect nobility who belonged to the Pagan Arab tribes saying that they carry a noble blood. The Prophet of Islam was born in a noble family and his family honor is acknowledged in holy Quran as well.
    We are Muslims and Chitralis, we have our systems, please don’t try to destroy Chitral’s social system and make us communists like you. We are happy with the lives, and we are happy with the royal family, the nobility, their eminence the Syeds and Pirs. All these households have never harmed anyone but poor people have benefited from them. Shame on the writer and his supporters, definitely they all are representing a certain mindset.
    A friend called me and said that “there are untouchables in Chitral” who are protesting against the nobles in Chitral Today. I couldn’t understand what he said, but after reading this letter and comments again, I was shocked. You people have ruined the image of Chitral, Chitralis and especially the poor people.

  17. @Afzal Islamabad, I understand your frustration on Mehtar and their families since probably your father/forefathers were also their slaves or so-called doing Ghulami of these Mehtars. But, having said that it does not give you any right to generalize your idea of genetic inheritance of slavery in people of lower Chitral. Currently, Pakistan as a whole is going through bad governance but that does not mean that we are slaves of Zardari and his government. There were many other good leaderships under whom our country had flourished. It’s just a matter of good/bad leaders. Similarly, there were many good/bad Mehtars. I am personally not a great fan of that era but there were some who have done many good work for Chitral. Respecting them and recognizing them for their efforts doesn’t in any way suggest that those people are still under their slavery. On the other hand, by reading your comments I get an idea that you too are a slave of your own ego which I think is a worst kind of slavery. Come out of it brother, sooner the better. Also, an educated and enlightened mind would never try to put down people and generalize his views. The greatest education is in simplicity: love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate.

  18. @M Wali, Mastuj: Look dear M Wali Khan I am talking of awareness, education and the life style of people. The people of subdivision Mastuj are the best people I’ve ever seen and I am proud to be a “biyartek”. They never complain against a prince or any other influential person rather they believe in retaliation. As long as the small problems are concerned, these are part of life. Be always ready to face them with open arms or they will haunt you as long as you are alive. You cannot guarantee that a person living in Islamabad is all happy while the one in Yarkhoon is in trouble. Do not make it a habit that life is so cruel. I’m fed up of it because it completely depends on you that how you take it. Look at some of artists who could be seen owning their failure to the film industry of Pakistan. But there are people like Ali Zafar, Adnan Sami Khan who are always hit whether they are in Pakistan, India, Gulf or any other part of the world. It has nothing to do with the backwardness of the area or the country.

    1. dear Mr. Junaid
      We are proud of you because you are the only and puritanical in Chitrali soil, defending and still not defeat-able using the free govt. electronics equipment, time and other resources, making Halal earnings (Raaq-e-Halal). You got appeared in this discussion almost 50%.Thanks for all that this is the manner, track and path that Chitralis will go ahead. We will pray for your success, long life and for more energy, this is the way that our Prophet PBUH urged us to do. Use the govt.times whatever you can and use all free resources whatever you can because this is also a kind of JIHAD. And at the end of the month, you will be able to get Halal salary. You are an unmixed, flawless, genuine and unalloyed guy. Keep it up with full zeal. And as usual, come to the workplace late and make more Halal money. No problem people can wait for their works they are not important. Your time and your motives are valuable and essential. We saute you back thinking.
      Yours Sincerely
      Salman Ahmad Guptai

  19. Mr Afzal, yes it is hard to make people believe how we the people of Mastuj are aware of our rights and have been snatching them as you say. My friend, we should tell the people that in those old days of the ‘brutal’ Mehtars we the people of Mastuj had our own province with its governor but when the cruel Mehtars were removed from the scene we were even deprived of our district status. Since then we have been crying to get back even the lost district. Today elders of Mastuj have to travel to Chitral and sleep in dirty hotels for days before they can get their papers like domicile certificates of their children signed. Same is the case with other matters. I think you are one of the day-dreamers but when you wake from your sleep and visit Mastuj from Islamabad one day, mostly in summer, you will know the reality. The rest is history.

  20. The gentleman (Fardad Ali Shah) has narrated a fact as people in lower Chitral, especially Lotkoh tehsil, are still living in subjugation of the royals. But he is unable to understand whether it is genetic inheritance or they feel comfortable this way. I was discussing the concept of princeship in Chitral with a friend a short while ago. I questioned him why these people who have everything in their access are behaving like this, he simply replied: “Ghulami is in their genes as this area is still under the influence of Mehtars”. But I want to add here that the concept of a “prince” in subdivision Mastuj has vanished. It no longer exists in the minds of people there, because they are educated and much enlightened, knowing that they have equal rights and living in a free society. Everybody in Mastuj is a prince of his own. They know how to fight for their rights.

    1. Don’t fool yourself, Mr.Afzal! There’s no ”ghulami” anywhere in Chitral. The aristocrats and noble tribes, composing the majority population of Chitral, will always stand by the Mehtar, no matter how hard you try to discourage them! By using such words for the aristocrats of Chitral, you are actually giving ‘some message’ about your own self! Well, nothing to worry about; we know it’s a genetic thing! Take care!

      1. @Junaid Saleh Hayat: Don’t try to apply these tricks on me if you have nothing to say. Muster some courage to face the criticism instead of adopting a reconciliatory approach which may help clear the spoiled image of the Mehtars. The history of the Mehtars is like an open book which you are trying to hide like an incompetent lawyer, pleading his case before a court of law despite knowing that defeat is his destiny. I standby whatever I have said about certain people who are still under subjugation of the royals. This is high time to get rid of these royals or there is no solution to the problems faced by people like M. Wali and many others like him. Had they been even a little awareness among them, they would have never welcomed the newly-crowned prince as the days are gone when he used to rule by hook or by crook. And for your kind information, I am an Ayubian and you may challenge someone else but be careful while responding to my comments, right?

        1. Mr.Afzal! I am glad to know that you are an Ayubian (graduate of Ayub Medicle College), and yeah, I must be very careful while responding to your comments, Your Highness!!

          1. My dear Junaid Saleh Hayat the great – the grandson of His Highness Sir Nasirul Mulk – it will take time for you to learn the art of microscopic analysis of issues pertaining to human relations. Passing sarcastic remarks is nothing but like searching the diamond in a muddy lake. Lennon spent 20 years in a British library to have an understanding of divine messages and then gave communism to the world. I was a postgraduate student when you were just admitted to Sayurj Public School Chitral. It’s not an easy task my dear, so keep the pace slow.

  21. Some Chitralis with fake names have very rightly stated the injustices and tricks played with them by the Shahzadagans of Chitral. They are very true that the survival of the royal family of Chitral depends upon the Ismaili community! The sectarian clashes in the 80s, oh yes, they were also done by the Shahazdagans! The mullahs who threw those Ismailis into the Chitral river were not mullahs actually, they were Shahzadas! The people who had burned the Ismaili hostel were also led by the royal family! The vehicles of the AKRSP were burnt by Mehtar Aman-ul-Mulk! Oh, these Shahzadas, they have nothing else to do and their only job is to divide and rule in Chitral. They are behind every conspiracy against the innocent people of Chitral. As the recent news published in ”Express Tribune” confirms, “hundreds of Chitrali women who have been sold to Punjabis in the name of marriage” are actually done by the Mehtar Shuja ul Mulk! The royal family is alive today only because of the votes of the Ismailis! The school of modern education constructed by Mehtar Nasir ul Mulk was also a conspiracy against the poor people of Chitral! The people of Chitral can no more be fooled by the royal family. After getting educated, they have now understood that the reason behind establishing schools in Chitral at a time when the rulers of neighbouring States were treating their people like dogs was an attempt by the ”zaalim” Mehtar to keep the poor Chitral in the dark-age!!
    Shame on you, fellow Chitralis! Shame on your education that teaches you to lie and write rubbish on the internet!

    1. Mr. Junaid Saleh Hayat! Really very brief and precise explanation. “Neem Mullah Khatra-e-Jan”. I think some of our friends are commenting without knowing the true history of Mehtars dynasty in Chitral. Criticizing anyone is very easy but getting follow-up is very difficult.
      I will say that if Chitral is known on the map of the world, it is because of the works of Shahzadagans. It’s the Shahzada who brings Pervaiz Musharaf to Chitral, who gave global coverage to Chitral, and Chitral became famous. Tourists all over the world are visiting Chitral and helping in generating revenue for its people only because of Shahzadas. We haven’t seen anyone in front raising a voice in favor of Chitral except Shahzadagans.
      My friends be realistic, don’t go for fake things. Live in real world.

      1. Mr. Fardad, you should take you words back because they were the obstacles to the development of Chitral. Gilgit is the best example for us where we can see huge development due to the broadmindedness of its past rulers, the Mirs, who were too open-mined and welcomed the AKDN and other NGOs for further progress. But here in Chitral, the Mehtars and Mullahs have been playing double game with the citizens. Both have their own interests, and the poor people have been sandwiched between these two groups. These people have been claiming that they are for peace but in reality they are not. Extremism is the product of these people. Ziaul Haq pushed up such people, especially the Mullahs, for his own interest and divided Pakistan into different mindsets. People like Z.A Bhutto, Salman Taseer, Shahzad Bhatti and numerous others fell victims to this extremism.

  22. Mr. Salman read my comment thoroughly before jumping to any conclusion. Yes, you are right recently Mahtar of the castle, not of the people of Chitral, visited the mausoleum of the great Pir of Khurasan Nasir e Khusrao in Garum Chashma, trying to pave the way for Mr. Mohiuddin by pleasing the people of the area.

  23. Dear Editor
    First of all, I appreciate your efforts to provide us such a nice website to discuss issues and remain in touch with our birthplace and world around us. We all Chitralis salute you and your team.
    Now coming to the topic, I would like to say there is no distrust, two opinions or any uncertainty that the period and the rule of the Metars in Chitral was brutal. Now, if we try to tell the truth, some people start crying that it is not authentic, as Mr Atiq has mentioned.
    I totally agree with Mr Sohail Khan that “It is only because of the Ismaili community that the so-called Shahzadas have survived in politics otherwise they would have been nowhere.”
    Mr Shahzada always try to divide the Chitrali community on the occasion of elections. Now because he is too old he is trying to get shelter under the umbrella of a dictator. Recently, he advised the so-called Mehtar to visit the area of a particular community to practice the rule of his ancestors “Divide and rule” and look the so-called Mehtar visited the tomb of one of the Pirs of the area. He never visited the tomb before and never recognized the the people of the area. This kinds of trick the family always played in the Chitrali history. We are no more slave now.
    Salman Ahmad Guptai

  24. Yes, dear that book is enough to show the mirror but it is quite interesting that these people which are salt in flour declare all such books unauthentic which are bitter to them. And they always try to discourage all those as seen by Shahzad Nadeem Chitral’s response to the article by Ghulam Sarwar Sahrai. It was totally in defence of a particular family.

  25. Dear Qaiser Azam
    I am so sorry to mention that your comments on this discussion are so nasty, shameful and totally out of context. You contributed zero on this subject except insulting the people of Chitral especially the youth saying that (indirectly) the passing of CSS in Chitral and going abroad is also blessed by the royal family. Remember if they have helped you in passing the Matric exam or arranging UDC employment, this is not for everyone in Chitral. I am proud of my Chitrali brothers and sisters for their ability, trustfulness and positive role in the society.
    Chitralis are nowadays contributing in a good faith in the society like a good businessmen, excellent administrators, educationist etc in various institutions from USA to Dubai, China, Maxico, England and other countries. These are not due to SHAHZADAGANS of Chitral.
    Dear friend one more request to you that you should study the Book of Mr. Geoffery Moorhouse ‘The Frontier’ as mentioned bu Mr. Atiq Ahmed which is about Chitral’s history.
    Khalid Khan

  26. After long time I have come through chitraltoday,and am happy to see the debate on an open letter to our MNA. Every person has the right to share his opinion but the debate should be related to the topic not insulting each other. If we study the history we will come to know that absolute autocracy or kingship were not popular among the peoples. They always used to give priority to their personal interest exploiting the resources of the states. Same situaon was in Chiral. As this era is the era of education and enlightenment,so every person knows wha is good for them. Last but not the least we don do not want that period where a human was treated like an animal.

  27. First of all, we have to understand the situation when Shahzada Mohiuddin raised the topic. It was raised because of some reasons why government was avoiding to allocate funds for our district. It was a voice for the rights of Chitrali people. His demand never meant never to bring that time again because it is possible! So don’t worry about that and please don’t mention hard words for each others. Because it will create distance between Chitrali youth. We are all brothers from the day when Pakistan was created. If we will repeat the dark history that was so different during which things went so wrong as there was no education, it will bring us no good. Today when we are all educated, what are we doing? We are trying to repeat mistakes committed centuries back and giving a very wrong impression to the youth . If we start writing these kinds of subjects, surely we will create differences among the youth.
    I will request every educated elder brother and sister to write about something unique and positive that can motivate our youth towards right direction otherwise we will remain stuck in these kinds of useless topics.
    Afzal Syed

  28. Wow, a nice debate had been going on which I was totally unaware of. But better late than never, I would like to share my views on our bitter history.
    Geoffery Moorhouse wrote in his book, To the Frontier: “But the practice of selling Kho women, proverbial for their beauty, in Peshawar, Kabul and Badhkshan was formerly recognized as a legitimate source of revenue, and made a great resort of slave dealers. Of recent years, however, the market for slaves has become circumscribed, and the system is no limited to the sale of girl children to the harems of Kabul, Badakhshan and a few other territories”.
    In 1885, Mehtar Amanul Mulk entered into a pact with the British Government for strengthening his kingship in Chitral. The general public of Chitral was pushed into the dark period through double slavery – to the British and Mehtar of the time. Unbearable taxes were imposed on them.
    Let’s have a look on the wording of the pact: “I am the eater of the salt of English will serve them body and soul. Should any enemy (Russia) makes attempt to pass through this quarter, I will hold the roads and passes with my lion grit until they send me help”.
    Chitral passed through an age of brutality which we can’t deny. Only Mehtar Sher Afzal Khan was the man who we cannot forget as he was not only against the red people but also didn’t act upon the policy of divide and rule of the British, which was imposed by them. He thought that the people of Chitral should manage the affairs of the state without outside interference.

  29. Dear Mohsin,
    This subject should not close till GJ responds to the comments on his letter. One of my friends was arguing that the royals of Chitral have given more respect even to the commoners in every gathering. Yes sure the royals are more social and more powerful even today. Let us compare the commoners and the royals. Why people of Chitral like or prefer the royals even today. Because the commoners even hate themselves (the commoners) even when some of them pass the civil services exam or in good position go abroad like GJ is settled in Canada, or want to prefer to settle in Islamabad. They don’t want to stay with the commoners in their area, though Shahzada Sikandar and Shazada Sirajul Mulk will never prefer to go abroad and settle there, because they want to stay here and they like the commoners more than the commoners.
    If one of the commoners’ son is selected to a higher post, first he will try to save his job, the mindset of these people is still not ready to accept the commoners, be realistic if a man is going to live abroad it means he says goodbye to his own family, how you expect of such people to serve a commoner when he does not want to stay with his own family.
    I am sure GJ will hide himself from the commoners even in Canada, in the fear that one day they will beg some favour from him. If a man cannot serve the commoner he does not have the right to say something on their behalf.
    In the last election, Sardar AC in his speech in Booni declared that he would fight even for the rights of a ‘Cheermozh’, but the fact is that there is no Cheermozh in whole of Chitral today; therefore, Shahzada Mohiuddin won the election and Sardar AC lost the good chance to reach the assembly only because of such a cheap slogan.
    When someone criticizes the history, they should blame their grandfathers, not the history itself, because the grandfathers were not able to do something good, therefore, the royals always exploited them. Also remember there were a lot of able people from the commoners who gained respect and were also allotted lands by the Mehtars.
    I am accepting the hold of royalship in politics of Chitral, you can see in PPP Shazada Ghulam Mohiddin and Shahzada Nisar, in Muslim League Shahzada and his sons, in Tehrik Insaaf, newcomers like Shahzada Zia and Shahzada Fakhrul Mulk where you go man oh there is only one party Jamaat Islami which has no hold of the royalship so shake hands with the Jamaat to eliminate them otherwise you have no chance.
    I would say to GJ come on man fight here for the commoners from the plattform of Jamaat-e-Islami and try to win the next coming election.

    1. The way you have tried to present your thoughts and used terminologies don’t suit this forum. It’s only because of the Ismaili community that your Shahzadaz (princes) have survived in politics otherwise they would have been nowhere. They also cashed in on the 1982 event. Some people in the community have also started believing that this event must have been designed by the same family. Because they are the sole beneficiary of that event even today.

  30. AOA,
    One of my friends suggested that I should read this post. The discussion has somewhat ended with grudges. Why don’t we just let the past to be in the shelves. The Chitralis are now more educated than ever before. Let majority to decide, what they want to become in future. Respect each other, what we Chitralis always do.
    It took me more than an hour to read out the post (including comments). The only thing I have concluded is that this is a very positive development. Everybody here cares about Chitral.
    Love you All! my Bros.
    Mohsin Chitrali

  31. I have not seen the rule of Mehtars but heard from my grandfather that the period was brutal for the common people. But the co-called royal families and their cronies used to enjoy everything. Now as the wealth of these families have almost exhausted and the common people’s living standard is improving, these royal families cannot digest it.I think these people should now realize that their rule is over.

  32. I would like to share a good news with fellow Chitralis as our friend Gul Jee, who had mysteriously gone missing for the last two months, has finally been tracked down safe and sound. We all had a sigh of relief after seeing a message written by GJ to a local website. We were quite worried after his mysterious disappearance. We thought you might be seeking political asylum in Canada with a fear of Prince Mohiuddin. The way you went in oblivion was not right. We are anxiously waiting to hear from you as everybody in Chitral thinks that you have failed to face a slight opposition….! Come on GJ, muster some courage, pick up the pen and strike again while iron is hot or everybody from Charun Oveer must seal his lip. It is a real challenge so break the shackles!

  33. @Afzal: Thank you very much for the appreciation, sir! But keep your nice suggestions in your pocket!! I am representing none, but myself. Please, don’t be angry on people who oppose your beliefs. All of us should have the courage to support what is right and oppose what is wrong. Gul Jee ran away, because he knew he was wrong!!

  34. @Junaid Saleh Hayat: Junaid Khan Katoor tu hei mera hero number one, believe me you could become a very good adviser on diplomacy affairs to the Mehter of Chitral or Prince Mohiuddin. Better late than never, pls don’t be angry on people who wanna express their views on issues of national importance. At least you should not insist to close the topic as you did a very good job in defending the Katoors, and they should be proud of you. A true man will not surrender as Gul Jee did out of fear. Don’t know where the poor GJ will be hiding like fox. What about my friend Birbal (fake Jalil), he is a perfect choice to be elevated to the position of a senior flatterer to the Mehter of Chitral. I know him. He is a nice man but not so brave and is always remain afraid of molvis to the extent that he can intrude into Afghanistan in fear of the molvis. Anyway, jokes apart, you both are wonderful guys!

  35. History has the tradition of its own for experiencing many forms of political systems in the world or in any part of it. World has witnessed political or tribal setups from leaderships of almost local level to dynasties of very huge caliber with very vast kingdoms.Then gradually it saw democratic republics in major parts of the world still leaving some dynastic rulers/kings to exist for experience of the later generation. The present era is mostly the era of large democratic govts. Let’s wait and see which form of govt is to happen next and when and where in the world. In my view, time has not come for such changes in the political setup of the world for moving towards dynastic rules again: neither can such dynasties survive detaching themselves from financially and militarily strong national govts. The fate of Chitral is also subject to this political change on world basis. It is however obvious that it will be very difficult to avert the change if that comes on its proper time and turn, regardless of who would be able to hold the reign …… Chitral??? No need, therefore, at present to quarrel on that or criticize Shahzada Mohiuddin, the MNA.

  36. Qaisar Azam Shah……If you want a proof you need to study some history books and every library in KPK is full of stories of the brutality of that era……which was enough to spread hatred among the most peaceful people. I can make a list of the books for your information.

  37. I am not wholly agreed with writer Gul Jee sahib. While writing on the history, there should be some proof and references from where he had got all these information about the Mehtars of Chitral. I am not sure there is a book regarding this subject, but these lines should not be the opinion of a writer or getting it from old sayings. Secondly, its contents are too much exaggerated, which are against the principle of an open letter. However, we must keep in mind that every ruling system has their merits and demerits, human being will never satisfy with any system of the world, because this is human made system which needs everyday reforms.
    Did anyone acknowledge that our President, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Governor Houses are the symbol of prosperity?
    Freedom of expression should have some limits; had the writer some courage he should have approached the chief justice of Pakistan, which would have been the right way to revisit the history like the way the PPP adopted for the re-opening of the Z.A. Butto case.

  38. Dear Sardar Hussain sahab, I am not interested in so-called Malangs! So I didn’t even bother to read his name! Next time, I will write it correctly, so don’t worry, sir. It’s not a big issue!
    Why are you wasting our time. The discussion had already ended long ago. Where were you all the time??
    As for as your “holy verses” that you mentioned above, let us remind you that the man must have done something punishable and his villagers must have become fed up of him, that’s why the then Mehtar gave him lands in Balach and settled him there, away from the town!! That’s how it is! I don’t know what’s troubling you? You must not twist the reality to support your baseless argument! Take care and stay happy!

  39. Past is past. Almost every mehtar, raja, thum, gushpur, mir, prince, shehanshah, president is unjust towards his people. Power does that to a person. What matters is the present. Is your shahzada or your MNA fair to you? Ask yourself this question and there is no need for debate. If he is fair then you people are very lucky. If not then vote carefully. A least you people have the right to elect your leader’ We are even deprived of that right. I am not from the present day Chitral, I have no relation with a katur. My ancestors came from Chitral. The reason I commented was to share the idea of Boloristan (from Chitral to Ladakh one nation, one province if not, then one country).
    Ishkamin, Yasen

    1. Dear editor,
      First of all thank you very much for your great struggle to provide us such meaningful information toward our homeland and the world around us.
      The open letter to our MNA is a great communication/message towards a better Chitral. If we look in a positive way, there are so many historical facts discovered that we must accept the facts and figures regarding our past. We know that every Mehtar had good and bad relations toward their masses. We should not challenge our past, however, we do need to improve our lifestyle and try not to repeat the mistakes that were made in out past.
      One mistake I am going to clearify that Mr.Junaid has said in his letter: “Some people mentioned Zirki Khan sahib (Sonoughro malang)” where are you Mr. Who mentioned Zirki Khan sahib. There are almost 56 letters that do not mention the name of Zirki Khan, every writer has mentioned the correct name which is Ziarat Khan Zarak (Soroughro Malang), a great singer of Chitral. I request Mr Junaid to look first clearly and then comment.
      Another, very important question I wanted to ask Mr. Junaid and Mr. Mohammad Rasool Khan of Khuz (alias Abdul jalil) is that, what about this historical song of Khuda Rahmat of proper Chitral. A verse from the song says: “Nashukur bunadam Shukur No aratam tan Chehtarusom Mehtar Duro ghanitai Ma Balaha dratai shan shotaro sum”. I feel, in fact I know, this song is a mirror reflection of the brutality the Mahtar had carried out in their time.
      I would like to know both your opinions on this song? What do you think, is this song a fake? Does the words in this song have no meaning or TRUTH? Do you consider the importance of those people who lived in those horrific times? or do you disregard everything they have said or done for our Chitral.
      Thank You
      Sardar A Hussain

  40. Some people mentioned Zirki Khan sahib (Sonoghro Malang). I think, he died just recently, in 1980s. So he had never even seen the Mehtari rule in the first place. The history of Katur Mehtars covers a period of almost 5 centuries. So when it comes to history, the so-called Sonoghro Malang is nobody and his poetry whatsoever is nothing and cannot be held authentic. Why are some people so cruel with the history of Chitral? How come you judge the WHOLE history just because of one word of a singer??? He is dead, so I don’t want to comment further on him!
    Poetry is something that you can relate to anything and derive any meaning as you wish. There were some idiots who even took wrong meaning of Allama Iqbal’s poetry and labeled him as “kafir”. So it all depends on you what meaning you derive from a poetry.
    Second thing is, a poet is no angel. A poet can take bribe from someone and write a hate poetry against you!! And when you take revenge on such poets, they try to portray themselves as victim! So don’t rely on poetry that much. That era has gone, now you can’t mislead people with some useless poetry.
    I respect Sonoghoro Malang very much because of his nice songs! But some people are doing injustice to that great man’s soul by mentioning him wrongly in support of Piyala Party! (anybody who hates Chitral, its culture, its people, its history, its beauty, is a ‘Piyala’!)
    My request to such people is, please, don’t pass brutal and shameful comments. Please, don’t try to damage the reputation of poets and singers by linking them to ‘Piyala Movement’.
    I don’t know why some people are trying to spread hate in Chitral? There is nothing wrong in respecting each other. When you respect someone, you will get respect in return. But remember that when you try to degrade someone, you are degrading none, but yourself.
    We as a Chitrali should respect each other. Respect your past. We should respect our Kalash Mehtars, our Raees Mehtars, our Katur Mehtars, our present leaders and all others, because today what we are, we are because of them! We should thank Allah for everything, and pray for better future.

  41. @Abdul Jalil: I am a nine year old boy and studying in class IV. I am the youngest grandson of Ziarat Khan Zerak the great. I just read the letter of Abdul Jalil, who is my maternal cousin, in response to my brother Maqbool’s comment. The behaviour of my cousin Jalil was quite rude and insulting. He is an educated man but the way he reacted was pathetic. He forgot all the norms and traditions of Chitrali society, of which, he claims to be the champion. I have decided when I’ll grow up, I will throw this box into river Chitral along with my friends by tearing it into pieces. My friends are very brave and honest. We should respect our sisters. Your criticism against them for studying in LSE is very unfortunate. Jalil lali, next time when I’ll go to Chitral along with my mama to spend summer vacations, I will not visit your Khuz because you insulted me for no reason.
    Jehanzeb Ibrahim S/o Ibrahim Khan
    Kishmanja, Sonoghur

  42. Respected editor
    First of all you doing awesome and fabulous job through your online newspaper giving us wonderful information about Chitral and around the world.
    In this debate (Open letter to MNA) I saw that Mr.Kator is challenging some of the writers to prove the allegations, so my request to Mr. Kator is why you are challenging the other people, go start first of all from Mr.Maqbool Hussain of Sonoghur (his grandfather was forced to exile to Gazu for no reason). Do you not listen to his so many songs against the brutal system of Mehtars. Are you not considering these recorded songs as a proof.I think these are a solid and unchallengeable proofs.
    Mr.Kator if you want more proofs and evidences please go in every village of Chitral and ask the public how many different types of personal properties (land ) had been taken away forcibly by the Honorables Metars of Chiral and distributed among their preferred once (Charvalu, Ataliq, Hakim). Are you ready to compensate to these affected people then Bismillah.But how you can counteract the disgrace,the insult,the cause of reputation taken away from families in that time, you cannot do that so please stop the useless and fruitless effort to challenge others. The period was brutal, shameful and disgust according to us.
    Ghulam Akber

  43. @Abdul Jalil: I’m a far better Chitrali compared to you, because it is me, including many others, who project the true image of Chitral by living in different parts of the country. The job of people like you is only flattering, clapping and dancing to please an arrogant prince.
    I can speak perfect Khowar and that too without mixing it with English, Urdu or Pashto. Love its poetry and can very well understand the Chitrali civilization. I’ve over 2000 books about Chitral’s history, its rulers, people, culture in my personal library but you despite being a librarian have no idea what to say except ‘Piyala movement’ – a brainchild of your own brother – who later betrayed Sardar AC. I would urge him to nab all those people who deceived him later.
    Your role has already been defined as people like you have nothing else except showering praise on their masters whether they are doing right or wrong. You are a perfect character of Birabal and Mullah-do-Pyaza. And yes the couplet you have written is not correct ‘Ham aah b kertei hein’?? aah bhrna hota hei kerna nehi hota. Don’t play games with Urdu as your English mash-Allah is a gone case.
    So dear friend stop declaring yourself champion of Chitrali culture and civilization as it is not you – it is me and many other young Chitralis about them Iqbal says: Fitrat k maqasid ki kerta hei negehbani, Ya band-e-sehrayi ya mard-e-kohistani. Cheers buddy!

  44. Dear Afzal, thanks for bringing him to his senses! People like him try to divide the people of Chitral!
    @Shah Nadir, we are just discussing, and in every discussion there are different views, some agree and some disagree. And you have no right to pass judgments on those who disagree with you. Instead of attacking people personally, you should come up with something solid to defend your Gul Jee. We have been discussing here for many days now, and that does not mean that we are enemies! Please make it clear that we are all like brothers and this sort of discussions help us remove our misunderstandings and bring us more close. So you stay in your limit and defend your Gul Jee in a sensible way. Your attitude clearly shows that you and Gul Jee have failed to defend your argument!

  45. LOL, Shah Nadir from Lahore, Punjab, says he had never seen this wonderful website! I am sure he hasn’t seen Chitral either!!
    Hey, dear Lahori, before giving advice to others, first go through your own comment, you have attacked people personally!! By the way, please tell us the truth how many Eidee did you collect at Daata Darbar?
    This letter, in fact, has turned out to be a referedum against the few frustrated Piyalas of Chitral!! After reading all this, more and more people will know the reality of ‘piyala’ mindset and will leave them forever!

  46. Dear Editor
    I had never seen this wonderful website ( before. This is an amazing site for all of us to be aware of our beloved homeland Chitral. One of my friends told me about this online newspaper, so thank you for the great effort to make this possible for us.
    Secondly, I just want to say about the ongoing debate (the 0pen Letter to MNA Mohiuddin Chitral) and that this letter is an open referendum against our MNA.
    The writer has absolutely disclosed the facts that happened in the history of Chitral. This is beyond any doubt and needs no proof, more evidences and witnesses.
    I would like to ask humbly from Mr Junaid tell the truth how much Eidee did you get from Honorable Shahzadas on the occasion of Eiddul Fitr. Because in this letter, you are the only one who appeared coming up with support of them almost in every day with useless arguments.
    My third request to the editor, that is now please close this debate, enough is enough, because people are now attacking each other with no reason and bringing up their own stories.
    Thanks a lot
    Shah Nadir (Lahore)

    1. @Shah Nadir(Lahore): Look buddy you have zero contribution to this debate. People like Ahmad, Gibran, Junaid, Jalil, Jamshed commented, faced criticism and made this discussion beautiful. You are nobody to call for closure of this debate because people like you have nothing to say except making foolish comments like Gul Jee did wonderful. How much Edhee you collected from Shazada etc. For your kind information all these above mentioned people are wonderful guys, they don’t get Edhees rather they give edhis to people like you. Had your Gul Jee been that brave he would not have run away with his tail between his legs (well said by Mr Ahmad). So better stop speaking on behalf of Mr Gul Jee or if you have guts come up with some bright ideas. A poet says about people like you: Her shaak pe ul-lu beitha hei, anjam-e-gulistan kya hoga!

  47. @Gibran
    Hum Aah bhi Kartey Hen To Hojatey Hen Badnam, Woh Qatal Bhi Kartey Hen To Charcha Nehe Hota.
    It was you people who charged noble people with allegations of womanizing, and when we tried to explain and explain the actual situation, you are trying your best to give it a different color. You all people have nothing to do with Chitral and its culture, most of you are living outside Chitral and you haven’t been taught Chitalis values, you are unaware of the local norms, that’s why you continue changing statements, whatever you say. Nobility would always be an important aspect of Chitrali society. Chitralis will respect each other and they love their tribes and identities, few polluted minds always try to create difference among us but people always reject them. Just like the Piyalas of 2008 were termed untouchables because of their hatred speeches, writes of such articles and comments will be placed in the same category by Chitralis.

  48. Brother Jamshed, I fully agree with what you said.
    I wish some day these people open their eyes to see the other side of the coin.
    Almost everything on the history of Chitral is documented. So whatever these few morons say on the basis of rumours will not make any difference!!
    Let them say whatever they want. Why waste our time with such people who so foolishly ignore the 80% good due to 20% bad! Arguing with such ignorants is a wastage of time!!

  49. What I have derived from the letters written by Junaid Saleh Hayat and Abdul Jalil is that the Mehters of the time were top class womanizers and exploiters. There is no second opinion about it as two staunch supporters of Mehters confirmed that it happened. There exists a special box still in the fort.
    If someone tells you being a womanizer is all great. It isn’t. You need to understand that a womanizer loves the good, the bad, the crazy, the sad, the sweet, the slut, the innocent and the frightening.
    A poet says perhaps about people like our Mehters: Usool beich k masnad kharidnei walo, Niga-e-Ehle wafa mei bahot haqeer ho tum, Watan ka paas na tha tumhein na hoga kabi, Keh apni hirs k bandei ho, Bei zameer ho tum!
    Deep jin k chand khwahishon mei chalein, Deep jin k sirf mahelaton mei jalein, Chand logon k khwahishat ko lei k chalein, Jo keh maslihaton k sayon mei palein, Aysi dastoor ko, Saubhe bei noor ko, Mei nehi manta, Mei nehi janta, Mei b khayif hoon takhta-e-daar sei, Mei b Mansoor hoon keh do yeh aghyaar sei, Kyon daratei ho zindaan ki deewar sei, Zulum ki raath ko, Jahel ki bath ko, Mei nehi manta, Mei nehi janta!

  50. Dear Mr. Ahmad,
    I must say your English is most sophisticated, I’m proud that a fellow Chitrali can mingle like the top echelon of the western “civilized” social class. My brother Mr Junaid Saleh Hayat’s reponse to your comments might seem a little blunt and straight forward but his heart and his actions are with the people of Chitral. It makes me very proud when young people stand up to bullies and speak fact to fiction.
    As for the brief historical narrative, I believe it is essential and imperative that the previous comments by our other brothers demanded this response. One can only respond, when at least some basic and essential facts are put into context in a historic time frame.
    Our BROTHERS, Gul Jee, Zakir Hussain, Afzal Khan, Jan Mohammad Khan, Waqar Ahmad, Akber Wali, Maqbool Hussain, Gibran, Munir Hussain Hamza, Gul Sahib Khan, have made some provocative statements, which the historical sequence of events I have dictated, sheds some light on. I am concerned for the truth and being objective of the circumstances of the supposed injustice inflected on a small segment of our previous countrymen. If you would not like us to utter any historical references, then let’s establish a framework for the discussion. The discussion should be within the factual sphere, all accusations must be backed up by documents that we can reference to and cross examine. If the Mehtar did something that was out of the norm for a ruler, within that region at the particular time, please state that Mehtar’s name, and who was in the receiving end of the unfair treatment, please provide their names, the date it occurred, the area it occurred in and what occurred. If there are supporting documents please provide this. Accusations and allegations by way of gossip of mistreatment are justifiable?
    As for the woman being taken advantage of by the Mehtar. How can one make such allegations and how can one defend such allegations. None of our brothers were alive and we were not alive when these supposed incidents occurred. If you can provide the names of the woman, this might have happened to or the decedents of the woman. We can ask them if these assertions are true. We can examine what they say and our brothers can cross examine them and come to a factual conclusion. If it is proved that such misconduct did occur, I will personally compensate them. THIS IS A CHALLENGE TO ALL OUR BROTHERS, PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF. If you do not approve my challenge then that means you have a vivid imagination and only want to create mischief.

  51. Dear Mr. Ahmad English,
    I am not a spokesman for any dynasty or anything like that, but I am just speaking for truth, love, diversity, harmony, peace, and development, while some of you are trying to plant the seed of hatred, tribal and sectarian clashes in Chitral.
    Both I and Jamshed are representing none but the people of Chitral. Our talk is all based on facts and figures while you are basing your arguments on mere rumours! And in addition to that, you are even telling us not to narrate the historical facts, that means you are trying to avoid the bitter truth! My dear, how long will you ignore it? You should have the guts to see the other (positive) side also!
    As far as your question about the beautiful girls is concerned, please read Mr. Jalil’s comment where he talks about the “special box” for transporting “valuable gifts” to the fort to please the Mehtar! In return for those “precious beautiful gifts”, those people/families got large pieces of lands and other properties all over Chitral during that time. It is in fact those people/families who got advantage, not the Mehtars!!
    Those beautiful “gifts” were brought to the Mehtars by that particular people themselves!!
    PS: Don’t make fun of others because of language, English might be your mother-tongue, but we are all Chitralis here.

  52. It is lovely, interesting and of course a very nice debate. Good to see fellow Chitralis writing gulabi English like my friend Muhammad Rasool Khan alias Abdul Jalil of village and Post Office Khuz.
    I’m not appearing in any comprehension level test or a competitive examination, says my friend Rasool – the man with big moustache – and he also hates the western culture, isn’t this like grapes are sour.
    My friend Gul Aman alias Gul Jee of Charun Oveer – a place which is hardly two minutes away from Pawasun (Charneghan Ghari) has finally run away with his tail between his legs. I never thought he is that coward.
    Ok, no problem, relax. I’m here for you and allow me to put some questions on your behalf to my friend Junaid Saleh Hayat, the spokesman for Katoor dynasty and the fellow Jamshed Katoor.
    Dear Mr Hayat, this time be serious and don’t say hahahahaha which you usually do after writing few lines and that too out of context and yes one thing more that do not narrate the history ever again.
    Let me put Mr GJ’s question number one to you and your friend Jamshed Katoor since you duo are representing the Mehtars, right? Just answer a very important question raised by Mr GJ [Gul Jee]. He says, “The history itself is a witness that the Mehtars of Chitral gained absolute authority to interfere wrongly in the lives of Chitrali families. It is with sadness and disgust to know that some even took advantage of the beautiful women of Chitral.”
    What would you like to say about the question of the beautiful women, for whom, according to GJ or the history, the Mehtars were dying? The answer should be precise and brief and no filthy language is allowed as we Chitralis are civilized people. Once you will reply, we will put forward the next question raised by GJ.
    FOOTNOTE: This is just to clear the wrong image of the Mehtars in the eyes of majority of Chitralis, so Juaid it is up to you now.

  53. Dear editor
    The debate over the open letter is going more and more interesting and useful. We got many good, and bad too, impression and reaction regarding our history but I am sorry to say that everyone, except a few writers, is getting into baseless debate and attacking each other. Mr.Jamshid is talking about the present development in Chitralbut while writing about the past. This is totally out of context. Mr.Jamshid is trying to say that the present development in Chitral is due to the royal family; this is not right.
    Karim khan Safari

  54. @Afzal, Ahmad, Gibran: My favorite, the great Winston Churchill once said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometimes in your life.” A slightly simplified or altered version of this quote goes as ‘A person who has no enemies never stood up for anything or anyone.’
    Some jealous characters may not agree with me but for the brilliant daughters of the lawyer, I rephrase the quote to; ‘if you had not been to London School of Economics (LSE), you would have never been criticized, so take it lightly and keep rocking.’
    Afzal, I’m not the guy [Ahmad], who can go to that lowest ebb for targeting an individual and that too a female who has acquired good education to work for the well being of the backward valley. I have great respect for the lawyer as he is a close family friend while Jalil is a dear cousin.
    I personally know the daughters of the lawyer and let me bail them out that they are the excellent girls I’ve ever seen. The way you people tried to malign them, making issue out of none issue, speaks of sheer frustration. We all love to study in great schools like Yale, Oxford, Cambridge or LSE and one must not shy away that the system in which we are living, somebody has to help you out.
    The way you people unnecessarily took them to task, accusing them of reaching LSE using the influence of their father is quite illogical. There is not even an iota of doubt that they made their way to LSE on the basis of merit and any claim to make their academic career doubtful is nothing but biting your nails.
    The typical style in which Siraj Ali Khan (Advocate) was targeted also did not augur well as he has been doing a great service for the well being of his people and street gossips cannot dent his credibility. They way you criticized him without any proof is again an exercise in futility.
    Siraj is my cousin and I’m not in talking terms with him due to some family feud. If you have any proof of corruption against him as a former union council nazim, do not hesitate to contact me at my cell number [given below]. I give you my words that I will be the first one to expose him.
    A man will not humiliate a woman like this as was done by some unscrupulous characters, who had nothing else to do except doing harm to others to hide their own failures. If this is not blackmailing then come forward with some solid proof. If you really want to know about the word ‘blackmailing’, take my services free of cost as you might have just heard of it.
    I think the first step to be part of a civilized [Chitrali] society should be to accept each other with open heart and not point fingers at others on petty issues like giving more than the required importance to the casts – Qazi, Zondran, Riza, Kator, Syed, Khoshwakt, Khoshamate etc’.
    A person living in 21st century do not take such issues seriously as moving forward needs new rules of the game by joining hands and rejecting the old myths and mysteries. So let us start afresh with open hearts!
    Zulfiqar Ahmad,
    Daily Business Recorder, Islamabad
    Cell: 0300-5756267

  55. Dear Afzal, how can Mr. Gul Jee defend his letter? In his letter, he has tried to humiliate the whole Chitrali nation by calling the history of Chitral dark and brutal!! That statement is completely baseless, illogical, brutal and untrue!! How can you call the history ‘dark’ only due to one or two incidents? Are we blind? Don’t we see the innumerable good things about our past that make us Chitralis different from other neighbouring ex-States? It is because of the glorious past of Chitral that today we feel proud of being Chitrali!! How can we overlook the 80% good things about our past due to 20% bad?? Answer my question, is there any nation with 100% perfect past??? Please, for God’s sake, open your eyes and feel proud! Compare the past of Chitral with that of other ex-States to feel the difference!
    Let me quote here an extract from the diary of Lord Curzon, viceroy of British India from 1897 to 1902. He had visited Chitral in 1890 while he was a member of the British Parliament. I hope it will make you feel a little proud and pleased about your identity as Chitrali!
    Lord Curzon witnessed the proceedings of the Mahraka and recorded in his diary:
    ”Chitral, in fact, had its parliament and democratic constitution. For just as the British House of Commons is an assembly so in Chitral, the Mehtar, seated on a platform and hedged about with a certain dignity, dispensed justice or law in sight of some hundreds of his subjects, who heard the arguments, watched the process of debate, and by their attitude in the main decided the issue. Such ‘durbars’ were held on most days of the week in Chitral, very often twice in the day, in the morning and again at night. Justice compels me to add that the speeches in the Mahraka were less long and the general demeanour more decorous than in some western assemblies” (Curzon 1923:133).
    Dear All, this is just one example of how democracy was valued by the Mehtars!! There are many other things and events to feel proud about our past as Chitrali nation!
    To all those who still say the past was dark and brutal, I suggest they should visit a mental hospital!
    I hope our dear Mr. Gul Jee will apologies to Chitrali nation for hurting their sentiments by trying to humiliate them with baseless statements!

  56. Wonderful debate. I must say so far so good especially the way Mr. Ahmad defended his arguments. I have not got the opportunity to know him but the fiery style seems to be that of Mr. Zulfikar Ahmad of Business Recorder, Islamabad, (pls forgive me if I’m wrong). We are anxiously waiting for the top Chitrali writers like Mr. Siraj Ul-Mulk, Mr. Zulfikar Ahmad, Mr. Sherzad Ali Haider, Mr. Sher Wali Khan Aseer, Mr. Liaqat Ali of Brep and Mr. Qazi Fazal Elahi who have regulary been speaking on different issues. Also I want Mr. Gul Jee not to disappear like this and he should always be there to defend his letter.

  57. @Jibran
    My friend, I guess I am not appearing in a English comprehension test or a competitive exam. I thought I was addressing fellow Chitralis I didn’t know that I have an audience with some Angrez as well as those who will get offended if I make some grammatical mistakes or whatever. Therefore, I didn’t try to focus on using difficult words like you. English is neither my mother tongue nor I am very fond of western influence. Friends talk a lot about slavery etc here, actually they themselves are slaves of western culture and civilization. They are ready to leave their identity, caste, and everything in order to make themselves compatible with so-called free western standards.Again I will say it’s easy to leave your identity and culture, but you won’t be able to adopt them again. I might not have an idea what I am talking about but I have clear idea that people like you are trying to divide Chitrali people, we are experiencing a different type of extremism in form of your thoughts.
    @ Maqbool Hussain
    My dear with all due respect, Songhoro Malang belonged to the tribe who were the main players in installing Katurs as the rulers of Chitral. Siyah Gosh was the man who betrayed Rais, deserted his army and joined Sangin Ali and defeated the Rais. In return, the tribe sustained its land holdings and was granted many more in parts of Chitral. They were made Charvelus etc in different villages and they were the people who committed crimes against the people of Chitral, not the Mehtar. The said tribe still enjoys a special status because of its economic strength and land holding which is all because of this brutal family. A special box which was used to transport “Valuable gifts” from the said tribe to please the Mehtar is still present in old store of Chitral fort. So if one man goes against it, and whole tribe on other hand has benefited from that system, it doesn’t make any significant difference.
    @ Junaid
    I agree with you sir. Down with The Piyalas, Mullah Do Piyazas of western Baithap culture who are trying to pollute our lovely culture.

  58. @Dear brother Jamshed Shah Kator: Well said, bro!! I 100% agree with you!! Whatever you said is very true and based on facts and figures! I hope, all of them will read your comment with open eyes!
    @Dear All: This is time to remove our your misunderstandings! Chitrali nation has to get united to face future challenges! We have to focus on developing Chitral. We must not publish or discuss such things that divide us. Focus on things that can unite us! Chitral is facing severe load-shedding problem despite having huge water resources! Our mountains are rich in mineral, but they are being leased by non-Chitralis. Our culture and language is in danger. Even our peaceful environment is in danger. Similarly, there are countless issues that need to be highlighted and awareness about their consequences needs to be spread, and actions should be taken before it gets too late! We are a minority, so being minority we must be united as one body! Otherwise we Chitralis will be crushed!!
    So please, focus on the present and future, because whatever gone has gone, you can’t change the history, can you?! By targeting families/tribes, particularly the Kator Dynasty, you may get some cheap reputation, but for the long-run, that will give you nothing!! Learn to respect everyone and remove your biases against particular castes. All are equal in the eyes of Allah! If we respect others, we will be respected in return. How can you call the whole past brutal and dark?? That’s so illogical and stupid to call the whole history of Chitral dark and brutal!! Due to one or two “brutal” incidents, we cannot say the whole history was brutal, can we?? All of us do condemn any sort of brutality in the past and present. But due to a few cruel actions of one or two Mehtars, how can you curse the whole Kator Dynasty?? Whichever Mehtar did brutal things, you should name him and curse him for that brutality, that’s fair, we agree! But cursing the whole race and calling the whole history ‘dark’ is very unfair and cannot be justified!!
    Please, think about it.

  59. Dear Friends,
    I am really disappointed to hear so much miss-information and non-historical and non-empirical, pseudo rumor talk of the history of the people of Chitral and Royal caretakers of Chitral. By reading your posts, I will say, it’s unmistakable that you are educated and have a deep love for Chitral and its people. The intentions of your comments are that the people of Chitral must have freedom, access to education, access to jobs, access to agriculture lands, access to health, access to the outside world, determine their future as an individual, as a nation as a whole. All of this should not be based on the connections to any individuals, whatever status they might have in Chitral society. I support these ideas and so do the rest of the people of Chitral no matter what status they have in our society.
    But please let’s be fair and honest to ourselves and to our people. I will start with a brief overview of the historical facts of Chitral (if you need proof please let me know and I can provide the reference points, there are dozens of documents starting from the 18th century). The Raees Mehtars ruled Chitral from 1250 AD to 1530 AD, when they first arrived in Chitral in the 11th century, there was a kingdom in Chitral which had a social, economic, political system in place, they overthrew them and established the Raees Dynasty. They forced a lot of kafirs to convert to Islam. They also tried to change the system that was in place and the people of Chitral resisted. The Raees Mehtars realized that they could not change the system and adopted the traditions and culture of the people. (Since Chitral was closed to the outside world for 6-7 months of the year, there was very little outside influence on the people of Chitral and the only access most had to the outside world was when trade caravans would pass through Chitral, so the traditions and culture is authentic and very unique from the rest of the neighboring states).
    First of all, Baba Mirza Ayub, the patriarch of the Kator Dynasty, was married to the daughter of the Raees Mehtar in 1520 AD and he was Prime Minister for the Raees Mehtaran Kingdom. Baba Ayub’s sons took control of the Kingdom of Chitral in about the 1530s. They adopted the ancient system that was in place, because they were keen on having the support of the people of Chitral. The only reason Baba Ayub and his sons were able to rule Chitral was because the people wanted them to be their chief. Baba Ayub was a saintly person and had the love of the people. For the next 460 years, the Kator Dynasty was in power till about 1895 when it became a princely state due to the treaty signed with the British and establishment of the Durand Line in which Chitral territory (Nooristan and parts of Kunar and Badahkshan) was on the other side of the Durand line in Afghan territory. The kingdom of Chitral was incorporated into Pakistan in 1974. So for the past almost 500 years, these people were in power.
    During this 500 years, there were over 50 major attempts from other neighboring states to invade Chitral but the people resisted and the invaders were humiliated every time. Chitral did not have a formal army, but during times of war over 20,000 of the people would join hands and resist the invaders. They were not paid for their service but had a sense of brotherhood and pride of their heritage and culture and love of their chief. They were given land and food for them and their families. When war was over they would return to civilian life. The Mehtars of the Kator Dynasty were they only people in the subcontinent who did not impose their religion on the people of Chitral and areas under their control, that’s why the Kafirs of Kafirstan (Nooristan) welcomed the authority of the Mehtar. The Shia and Sunni people were free to practice the way they wanted. Till this day the people of Chitral are open minded. As for slavery, there was a reason for this. Slavery was very common in the subcontinent during those times. Since Chitral was a very poor Kingdom, it did not have prisons. If criminals were arrested and put into jail someone would have to feed them, house them and look after them. The ancient system was that, if a criminal was convicted of a crime by the courts he would be sold, that was his punishment. Also, when we say salvery, it’s not like the black people taken from Africa and put in chains and forced to work in a plantation, whipped and killed. The salves in Chitral owned land, were paid wages, had freedom. I am not saying that some were not abused, they must have been, because its human nature, unfortunately. As for education at that time, it was mostly religious. This is how all the people in different casts of society were educated. At that time, everything was in Farsi and writing was also in Frasi but most spoke Khowar and Farsi. People only recently, in the last 40 years, started speaking Urdu.
    As for the Mehtars taking people’s lands, at its height Chitral territory was over 28,000 square miles from Kunar to the borders of Kashmir. The total population of the whole territory was less than 300,000. There was a lot of land with no people living on it, the Mehtars got the land, they did not take it from their people.
    As for the forts and buildings, they have been there since the 1100s and the Mehtars destroyed the old buildings and built new ones over them, yes it was built by the people, they were not paid in money, because Chitral did not use money but had a barter system. They were given land, clothes, animal skins and other things for their services.
    The ancient system of Chitral had a very unique way of choosing a ruler. When a ruler would sit on the throne, he would eliminate some of his close relations that could be a threat to him. This was to prevent internal civil war and keep the Chitral nation united.
    During Pakistan’s independence, the Mehtar of Chitral palyed a key role in securing Azad Kashmir and other territories for Pakistan.
    I am not saying that there weren’t any abuse or what you are saying doesn’t have some truth. But if 20% was bad 80% was good.
    Now let’s talk about the present. We the Chitrali people must be united and not have animosity or grudges against our kinsmen. Put aside our differences (which is little) and discuss what we have in common (which is a lot). What can we as individual do to improve the life of the average Chitrali. We are not like the rest of Pakistan. We have our own culture, language and loving harmonies simple life style. We should remain uninfluenced from the outside world like we have for the past 1000 years. But at the same time bring into our lands, education, technology, moderation that will improve the lives of every single Chitrali. I don’t like the fact that Chitrali people have to extend their hands out to NGOS and other charity organizations. I want the Chitrali people to have the ability to take care of their own needs without looking like a beggars. Other people in Pakistan look down on Chitrali people like as if they are second class citizens but the same people talk about how beautiful Chitral is and how tourists go to Chitral Pakistan. They act like the people of Chitral are not Pakistani but Chitral area is Pakistan. We the people of Chitral cannot depend on people of other races of Pakistan to take care of us and look out for our interests. We have to start taking concrete steps to bring manufacturing jobs to Chitral that’s owned by a Chitrali, we have schools that are taught by Chitralis, we have to be self-sufficient like other areas of Pakistan. We have to have our own source of electricity, built by Chitralis, we have to have roads built by Chitralis, we have to have dams built byr Chitralis, we have to have Western standard universities, we have to have the best doctors and hospitals in Chitral, so people don’t have to go to Islamabad or Lahore, or Karachi. We should not sell our girls for some people in other areas of Pakistan so they can be abused. We should have an international airport in Chitral where tourists come directly, most don’t want to go to Islamabad or Peshawar and drive up to Chitral. We should make our own cars. Every single home should be made from baked bricks, quality cement, with running hot and cold water, where it’s warm in winter and cool in summer, with a car for every single home. Please let’s talk about this and not the unimportant little stuff that can ruin a person’s reputation and honor. We only have each other. We must respect our leaders and respect even the sheppards. No matter what position and status a Chitrali has, he has a role to play in building a greater Chitral for generations to come.

  60. @Gul Sahib Khan and Munir Hamza: Your comments show that you unfortunately lack basic knowledge! Even a donkey knows the role of Mehtar Sir Nasir-ul-Mulk in educating the people of Chitral!! Please, at least, read the recently-published book of Dr. Israr to get some knowledge!
    Mr. Gul Sahib Khan, please don’t joke with the history. Read the history before passing such insane and false comments. Your statement “Mehtars were a group imposed on the people of Chitral by the British colonial power” itself is a joke of the year!! Hahaha!
    Hey Mister, please tell us when did the patriarch of the Katur Mehtars, Baba Ayub, or his son lead an army from outside to impose themselves, as you mentioned?? And which British colonial was present at that time in the first place???
    The fact is, they got the Mehtari with full support of the people! In other words, they were democratic Mehtars, because they were imposed by the people themselves!!

    1. Junaid have rightly said every donkey knows their bad deed and brutality because it is quite complicated for a man to know about their philosophy. Selling of human beings was common in 1890s when the economic condition of Chitral was in poor shape. Mehtars were killing their owns for the sake of crowns. There are a number of books which are enough to judge their unkindness.

  61. Dont compare them with the nation makers like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who was the architect of the subcontinent…No one in the history did like him for Pakistan and especially Muslims…….Be aware of history…I think you have missed or banged history period.

    1. Mr. Junaid sahib it is shameful if you compare any Mehtar of Chitral with a builder of a great Muslim nation like honorable late Sir Sayed Ahamad khan. What the hell man improve your knowledge and go back to school and pick up a textbook of grade 6 (history and read chapter 4) then you will realize who was late Sir Syed. The Mehtaran ware a group imposed on the people of Chitral by the British colonial rulers.They were not like Wali-e-Swat whom the Sawati masses still remember for their public service. Brutal is absolutely suitable word bing used for them.
      Gul Sahib Khan

  62. It is not a strange thing! There are “some” people in our society who criticize just for the sake of criticism! They have personal grudge against a particular family, and they miss no opportunity to try to degrade them and bring them to their inferior position, but they always fail!! They are the ones suffering from inferiority complexity. They never appreciate the positive side, and always point out the negative stuff. They are negative and narrow-minded ignorant people.
    @Munir Hussain Hamza: You should feel ashamed of the way you denied and criticized the Mehtar who is also called “Sir Syed of Chitral”. People like you are a threat to the peaceful environment of Chitral. You have no idea of what and whom you are talking about! The time when Mehtars of Chitral were educating their “loyal” subjects, the rulers in other kingdoms were treating their subjects like dogs!
    There is a proverb in Khowar suitable for people like you, “Shoom aloko bee bo boi, shoom royo lu bo boi”. Tasum lu dik khaaj’tu birmogh ulayk la.
    To hell with Piyaala Party!
    Piyaala Movement Murdabad!

  63. @Abdul Jalil.., For the first time I have come across such a person whose comprehension level is so poor. He has no idea at all what is he talking about. I am afraid to say that you need to work very hard to able to take part in debates of such national importance.
    Writing English just like a kindergarten kid won’t work, so better develop some reading habits. You have got very good opportunity since you are a librarian and my humble advise to you is that open some books instead of decorating them all the time on the shelves.
    I know you from the days of Professional Development Centre Chitral (PDCC) headed by my friend Dr Mir Afzal Tajik – the great man I have ever seen – but even then you have learnt nothing, which is very unfortunate.
    The way Mr Ahmad has exposed some people including you is commendable. He is the bold and brave son of Chitral and we are proud of people like him. He did not try to divide Chitrali casts. Chitrali society is already divided by cast system as Sadat, Zondrei and Youft unions already exist there since long.
    We are grateful to Mr Ahmad as he forewarned us to be careful of your brother. Your brother who has realized that he’d no future in case of elections and in utter frustration he is trying to find some place in future politics with the help of Shahzada Mohiuddin.
    We have warned Shazada Sikander after going through the hard-hitting letters of Mr Ahmad on the prestigious Chitral Today to be careful of your brother as he may trap him through lip. Shahzda Mohiuddin will be responsible for his deeds if he tried to accommodate people like your brother even by mistake.
    Let me assure you on behalf of Mr Ahmad that he did not target the so-called lawyer, his daughters, your brother and you. What Mr Ahmad did is that he exposed you for writing a planted letter.
    He wrote against the daughters of the so called-renowned lawyer’s daughters because they went to London School of Economics (LSC) on Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) scholarships by using backdoor connections with the help of a Khawaja in Karachi, who also happens to be a lawyer.
    We salute Mr Ahmad for exposing these black sheep, who have been busy in misusing the Imamat Institutions for their own vested interest. Job well done Mr Ahmad, hats off to you for making everything public as nobody had the guts to speak out against this so-called renowned lawyer, but you did something which he will remember for the rest of his life. I would like to thank Mr Ahmad on behalf of all those poor students who were deprived of their rights and intesrtingly am also one of those victims.
    As long as my understanding is concerned, Mr Ahmad did not target the royal family rather he endorsed Shahzada Mohiuddin’s statement to revive the old state rule because majority of Chitralis and Birbal and Mullah-do-Piyaza type characters are still under the influence of the royal family.

  64. @Ahmad, Garum aru lal, we all concience-awakened Chitralis are proud of you. These Birbal and Mullah-do-Pyaza type characters, who are yet to be free from the salavary of Katoors, have nothing to say except ‘Shazda sahib’ in every sentence they write and one cannot rule out they don’t say ‘shazda sahib, shazda sahib…’ while sleeping at nights. I am thnkful to Gul Jee Miki for remembering my grandfather late Ziarat Khan Zerak alias Sonoghuro Malang, whose beautiful songs after his forced exile are big slap on the face of these Shazdagan. And the people who are still licking the feet of these shazdagan are yet to be free from the salavery of Katoor.

  65. @Ahmad
    My friend you are not realizing the fact that you are spreading hatred among the people of Chitral. You are trying to divide the Chitralis on the basis of caste and blood. Chitralis always supress such ideas like they did with the Piyala Movement in 2008. Secondly, people of Chitral are happy with the de facto tribal system which exists here, no one has the right to stop us from practising our culture or values. Each area has its own values, being educated does’nt mean we leave our values. Identity is easy to lose but hard to gain again. People of Chitral are happy with their identiities and tribal system which is peaceful and harmless. However, some westernized Diasporas have problem with it. Therefore, they try to find issues which they can raise and try their best to start feud among chitralis, but people in Chitral damn care about it.
    Your comments show your mindset and type of extrmist groups you belong to, you have rigid thought, therefore, first you were after the Royals, then a famous lawyer, then his daughters, then my brother and now me. You are criticizing personalities and you have no logical or factual support behind your ideas.
    A well mannered Chitrali cannot comment the way you are doing, my dear it shows the deficiency of Chitrali values which you and your friends are facing.

  66. @ Tasneem Ahmad Baig
    Your comment shows the moral values inbuilt in you and righteousness and truthfulness in your self. Glad that still we have realistic people here.

    1. Well done, Mr Ahmad for exposing these flatterers. The way you made [his] comparison, I must say is simply out of this world. These people, who are trying to become oversmart, must be reigned in before it is too late. These are the people, who have nothing to do with the development of this backward valley but to exploit an opportunity through lip service.
      The points which Mr Ahmad had raised here again and again are well taken. I’m sure people are all set to take these so-called leaders to task in the upcoming general elections. The days are gone when they befooled people, pretending they are the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) jiyals.
      Sir, I’m also from Mastuj and can very well understand the conspiracies being hatched by these people. Let me assure you that we are well prepared this time as usual to give a humiliating defeat to these so-called leaders as you have rightly pointed out. They are very small fry and let them try their luck once “FOREVER”.
      Last but not the least, I would like to have the attention of Abdul Jalil that if there is nothing to say, say nothing. Don’t try to teach us history and especially when you are talking about Chitral. The history will never forgive such opportunists who leave no stone unturned to achieve their nefarious goals.

  67. @Akber Wali
    Dear I am not talking about the royal family returning land or the poor people of Chitral returning land to the royals. I am talking about those who benefited from that regime, who are holding large land holdings in Chitral today because they fostered children of mehtars, were their servants or represented them in different villages. If a man from such a family is not happy with the former system and the family who blessed him with all these things, should return the land and property granted to him by the mehtar, and then talk agaisnt them, holding huge property, keeping friendly relations with that family and criticizing them with fake names on internet doesnt suite such people. I am not unwise when I talk against such people rather I am talking ethincally.

  68. @Munir Hussain Humza
    Dear the brutalities which you are talking about might have existed in dark ages but with modernity, education and awareness, reforms were introduced in Chitral as well. Read about Nasirulmulk and Saifurehman Mehtar and you will find information. Dark ages existed among the most developed nations as well but with passage of time and education, reforms were introduced in every society and same happened in Chitral. But the thing is we don’t look into matters holistically and just stick to our own point of view.
    The school which you are talking about was established in 1937 not in 1951 by an uncle of Shahzada sahib, HH Nasirul Mulk, the visionary Mehtar of Chitral, who wanted to introduce more reforms as well despite strong opposition from his advisors that the school would spoil the general public’s mindset.
    When people don’t find proofs about corruption, they start talking about development schemes. My brother, it was Muhiuddin who introduced jeepable roads to many valleys, drinking water supply schemes, BHUs, schools, wheat sale points, bridges, irrigation channels, telephone, electiricity and many more FOR THE FIRST TIME in 1980s. This change in communication, transportation and living standards brought change in our mindsets and today we are talking in this free environment. He is the one who supported and strengthened NGOs in Chitral including the AKDN. His services were even recognized by HH The Aga Khan as well. Shahzada sahib played a vital role in ending sectarian feud and sustaining peace in Chitral after 1982, but we Chitralis forget these things very soon. Compare Chitral with Dir, which is much more easy to access than Chitral, compare Chitralis and the people of Dir, the facilities here we have and there in Dir. You will find Chitral a much developed place why because for the past many years we had a leader who knew how to develop. Please brother accept reality, and don’t criticize just because you don’t like the family etc.

  69. How it was not a brutal days or dark period that they had prohibited even flour mills to grind, bridge to cross in winter and the dignity of a common man was not safe….Abdul Jalil dont make castles in the air and recognize the realities which they had imposed on the weak shoulders which was out of humanity……do you believe that Shahzada Mohidin was in favor of Lowari Tunnel Project?/?? In 1951, a school was established by his forefathers at Chitral town which he considered an atom bomb for his castle.

  70. Well, the guy seems a bit perturbed, relax man it happens when you try to negate the reality. The only argument which you had floated in your emotional few lines, believe me could not help me control my laughter for quite some time after which I tried to write few soothing words for you.
    I’m sure the message is well conveyed and you are quite capable of sensing the direction of the wind and to a great extent you agreed that it was meant to get the blessings of Prince Mohiuddin only, wish you good luck! The readers must agree with me that a planted letter cannot fulfill the basics of realism.
    Quoting your own words, I’m writing a few lines to satisfy your inflated ego.
    You said: “Everyone does that during elections, those who are able to fulfill your demands you vote for them”. This is the precise definition of opportunists and perhaps this is the reason father is running after Shehzada Mohiuddin and son is trying to befool people, calling himself a PPP jiyala!
    Let me remind you that your father has always remained loyal to Prince Mohiuddin and you are following in his footsteps, so it will make no difference whether you call him ‘master’ or not.
    I’m sure you have not forgotten that your brother used to hate PPP. But for personal gains, he changed his loyalties and became a PPP supporter rather started calling himself a PPP jiyala to contest local government elections after realizing that his father had always remained humble disciple of Shahzada Mohiuddin and people will never vote for him at any cost.
    This was the reason the lady luck smiled on your brother once but it never happens all the time, so stop building castles in the air. If you insist the people voted for him, it was just by ignorance. At the same time, I would urge you not to forget that the same people also badly exposed him twice through humiliating defeats in local bodies’ elections.
    Day dreaming will not take you anywhere, so don’t expect any place in political arena of even a small union council of Mastuj in future what to talk of having higher political clout by licking the feet of Prince Mohiuddin.
    As you have accepted that you support Prince Mohiuddin for political gains. If this is so why are you so angry on writing a little piece which portrays your true political style that is quite obsolete and is no longer applicable.
    On the one hand you have shown anger over your comparison with king Akbar’s flatterers – Birbal and Mullah-do-Piyaza – but on the other you have accepted that everyone who rose to high position, it was just because of Mohiuddin, and you are no exception in this case, so why to spit venom.
    About your last paragraph I don’t wanna comment anymore as what I’ve written about the girls is more than enough and I feel sorry for the poor girls as a friend told me that they were quite upset, which was not my intention at all.
    @Waqar Ahmad…just read the two befitting replies, I’d given to you and your dear friend instead of jumping in the air.

    1. Respected editor (
      First of all I say thank you very much for publsihing the letter and for the original writer of this open letter to our honorable member of parliament to openly discuss and highlight this sensitive topic. In a civilized, democratic and educated society, it is every individual’s basic right to take part in a civil debate through the media.
      But I am going to request all my Chitrali brothers and sisters please do not attack or discuss each other’s personal relationship, this is totally unbearable for everyone and if this happens we will no more be a civilized nation.The topic and raised questions are very interested in the original letter. My late father used to sing one of the famous songs of the late Malang of Sonoghor. Here the Malang describes Gazu and is criticizing the Mehtar of the time for making him a prisoner. At that time, I was so little so I did not know the actual facts but still we need some research in this matter.
      The respected member of parliament from Chitral is a nobel man as Mr. Gul Jee has already described him in a full depth in the first para of his letter but as a human being he is not a holy cow and can make mistakes as everyone can. If he made such a wrong statement, that according to the majority opinions and views is wrong and people do not want the system back ok fine, we should forgive him.
      He is alone occupant of this seat from Chitral. He is our only voice on the floor of the assembly.
      Tasneem AB

  71. I have followed these debates for long and I like the fact that people want to speak about their issues. There is nothing to become personal in such debates on national issues and the younger generation has the right to express themselves. I also appreciate for giving us the freedom to discuss our issues. There should be difference of opinion but nothing and nobody should be considered as a sacred cow.
    Nadir Khan
    Garden East,

    1. Respected Editor
      This letter (An open letter to MNA) is going very interesting and new things are coming up.
      Wow Mr Abdul Jalil Sahib you are saying in your useful comments in general that “that era was not brutal ” may be you are trying to say like this that system was like the period of reknowed Caliph Umer bin Abdul Aziz (RA). May be you characterize Yazid and Hussain in the same category.

    1. Dear Editor
      This open letter of Mr.Gul Jee is an eyeopener for all patriotic Chitralis not even in Chitral but out of this soil, specially when the general elections are on the corner. Every Chitrali agreed with one point that the honorable MNA did awesome jobs for the town for the last twenty years.That is true, he should just go to the Chitrali public at the time of the election for one more time but the question is why he said the ridiculous statement openly and through the media? Why he never said this before so what was the real problems? Is our respected MNA is ready to sell themself at the hand of others like it is common in Pakistan on the occasion of any political change.
      Secondly, Mr. Abdul Jalil is saying in his comments that ‘”They should declare all those properties and return to the people of Chitral”. That is nice so Bismallah first of all we can start from Chitral fort, this fort is a public property made by the people of Chitral by force and gradually we will go in every fort in Chitral and other properties the royal family occupy illegally and forcefully. Of course, there is nothing with the poor people in Chitral that has to return to the Royal family Why you are giving such an unwise, absurd, silly and senseless arguments.
      We, the people of Chitral (at least the Majority), do not want that system again here in our town at any cost. The MNA sahib has to apologize for that statement if the news item was wrongly published he has to inquire about that.
      Akber Wali

  72. @Munir Hussain Humza
    The points which you have raised are creation of your mind, inner extreme and hatred helps develop certain perceptions, like yours. Your allegations are false, far from reality, baseless and without any proof, being a human, Chitrali and Muslim, one must not cross the limits of moral standards.
    Whatever you stated is all false, they are not authentic or based on any facts. People tried to defame Shahzada sahib with such allegations in past as well. In fact it helps him gain more support among the masses who say that those who are against him have no vision for development of Chitral. They are just doing politics using the name of Muhiuddin and targeting him and this idea is not appreciated by the educated youth of Chitral.
    They evaluate a candidate with past performance + future vision and then make decisions. People who have zero past performance and no vision have no other option than targeting the leader who is liked and supported and has won many times. You said what he has done? I don’t want to narrate his services here, everyone knows, even if you start thinking impartially and with free mind You will know what he has done, if you are younger than ask any elder who could explain how things changed after this man’s leadership.
    Chitralis are not fools, if someone has an exceptional case, then it’s his own personal matter but the people of Chitral are very civilized and democratic people since ages and know how to elect the right person and how to reject wrong.
    Mr. Ahmad I am not a character, I am political supporter and I am proud to be, I have no motives of getting anyone’s attention or blessings. I replied here because I was amazed to see that few people are writing and presenting a wrong version. If you consider your political leader “Master” and yourself his slave whoever he is, it’s your own problem. But don’t apply your perceptions on others. We all are free people and vote because of our principles and experiences.
    You are talking about supporting for gains. Everyone does that during elections, those who are able to fulfil your demands you vote for them. It’s with all political parties. Specifying it to one group or workers is again wrong and unethical.
    Shahzada Muhiuddin introduced many others in Chitral’s political scene and with his support they were able to reach high offices those include ex Vice Chairman Noor Alim, former MPA Saeed Ahmad, Provincial Minister Salim Khan, MPA Ghulam Mohammad. All those people were able to succeed for the first time with blessings of Shahzada Muhiuddin. What is wrong in it? Anyone can think positive and any political worker can dream of success. Cant the poor dream for their future?
    You say that I declare them not up to the mark behind the curtain but shower baskets of praise when I have to speak in public. But what I have seen is people like you praise them in person and when you are with them but defame and shower baskets of criticism outside.

  73. When king Akbar of Mughal dynasty felt stress, he had two witty characters among his nine precious stones – Birbal and Mullah-do-Pyaza – who used to get him at ease. Same is the case with Abdul Jalil who left no leaps and bounds to praise his worthy master – Prince Mohiuddin.
    His only motive is to attain the blessings of his master [prince] to pave the way for one of his brothers who claims to be a budding politician after an accidental victory against Prince Sikandarul Mulk in local government elections during the dictatorial regime of Gen Musharraf.
    The sole motive of this planted letter, let’s suppose written by Abdul Jalil, is nothing else but to get the blessings of Prince Mohiuddin in the upcoming elections, befooling Prince Mohiuddin through lip service while other side of the coin tells a different tale.
    He wants to introduce his brother in the mainstream politics of Chitral following the footprints of the provincial minister for population welfare with the help of Shahzada Muhiduddin – the real king maker of Chitral.
    Though, his brother had been badly defeated twice at the hands of none other than Prince Sikadarul Mulk – a close relative of Shahzada Mohiuddin – in local government elections of Tehsil Mastuj.
    His brother is now sure that defeat is his destiny and he has no political future and in case of any elections, he would surely meet the same fate. His brother Jalil is too shrewd to understand the political chessboard of Chitral and is using the highway which will take him to the top of the difficult Karakoram.
    I still standby my views whatever I have said about the two ladies who one way or the other managed to get the scholarships despite their poor academic careers, depriving many deserving Chitrali boys and girls of their rights.
    Let me be blunt that Jalil’s masterly tricks regarding my objection to unjust award of scholarships to the fortunate daughters of the lawyer in question is simply ditching them as you declare them not up to the mark behind the curtain but shower baskets of praise when you have to speak in public – double standard!

  74. It is also true that he looted the wealth of Chitrali people and invested in his hotels besides transferring the money to Swiss bank and we the non sense always elected him. It is time to wake up……… can you say, Mr Abdul Jalil, that he served the people of chitral.Now he is going to let his son make fool of the innocent Chitralis.

  75. After reading all these comments, I think there is widespread misunderstanding and lack of trust within different segments of Chitrali society which needs to be addressed. I would like to answer the author questions in two parts, one regarding the statement of MNA Shahzada Muhiuddin and second on the criticism made on former Chitral State.
    We the people of Chitral have been electing Shahzada Muhiuddin sahib for the past 29 years not because he is grandson of HH Shuja ul Mulk or that he belongs to the royal family. That’s totally wrong perception in minds of those who havent seen Shahzada sahib’s politics. Shahzada sahib always favors decision of majority or masses, which indicates the democratic values he practices. He served the people of Chitral in different capacities, as a civil servant, businessman, student leader and politician he has developed relations with people of Chitral at grass roots level. Gul Jee has admitted the services rendered by Shahzada sahib and I am glad that atleast he recognized the services made by this great man. When one sits with Shahzada sahib and listens to his life story it brings tears to one’s eyes. I remember listening to him when he started talking about his life in a speech and how he succeeded, the difficulties he faced from his childhood till now. At the end of speech, most of the listeners had tears in respect in their eyes. The man who was leading them was not a leader because of his ancestors or family, he was a self-made man who got university education on scholarship, job on merit, retired worked hard again and became a successful businessman and after that he entered the political world and became a successful leader. He gets votes from areas like Laspure, Yarkhun, Arkari etc. He has no tribe or clan there, nor does he posses any major landholding there so that we can say that people support him because of his strong position. Independent and mature people of Chitral through free elections vote for him and elect him. When we compare him with other politicians Shahzada sahib emerges as a man of high principles, he would serve people without discrimination after getting elected, best example being the Torkhow road project work billions of rupees which he initiated through federal funds after getting elected despite the fact that people of Torkhow didn’t vote for him. Hundreds of examples can be quoted. I can say that people who are against Shahzada sahib find no other reason to criticize him that’s why they criticize him because of his family and social status. It comes under discrimination that you are hitting some ones identity. If you don’t like his or her identity its okey you have the right to it but similarly they also have the right to live the way they want to live they are also human beings. But highly educated people just talk of tolerance actually they lack tolerance.
    The write should have analyzed Shahzada sahib’s statement before writing such an article which is now a cause of hatred and is being seen as continuation of the 2008 elections “Piyala Movement” which divided Chitrali people into social classes for their vested interest of getting vote but their cause was rejected by the people of Chitral through their popular vote.
    Shahzada Sahib in that statement had criticized the government agencies for failing to provide relief to masses of Chitral. He said “corruption is high in all government departments, injustice is on peak but government is not taking action. PIA and other agencies are discriminating against chitralis. We joined this country for better life and chitralis deserve a better treatment. If things continue to go like this we would demand restoration of the former state.”
    Shahzada sahib is right in this statement and I fully endorse it, Government is spending so much in the district but its not being delivered, executed properly. Government officers don’t move without bribes. The MNA raised issue of governance issues in assembly many times but he never got an answer. He issued this statement and the last part regarding the restoration of state was just to provoke authorities and drive their attention towards the governance issues and miseries of Chitralis, unfortunately our brothers couldn’t read the whole article and are commenting randomly. It’s not Shahzada sahib who did great mistake by giving this statement, but those who are writing comments, who are writing against values of families, and the tolerance, acceptance we chitralis practice. Such things are highly harmful for our unity. The spread wide spread hatred among people and these things divide society more. In addition such wrong accusations and insults to families makes them victims and people show sympathy towards them and support them further more. Just like Sardar AC’s similar statements and comments made Shahzada Muhiuddin more strong, this article is definitely going to strengthen him as well because people of Chitral are educated and tolerant enough. Making a different statement such a big issue without trying to understanding the background, criticizing a public favor. Criticizing some ones family is not ethical. A friend of mine told me that these people who are writing such things have nothing to do with the ordinary people of Chitral, in fact they belong to those who benefited during the State or so called Brutal era. I don’t know whether its true or not. But I think that those who consider the state era brutal must no benefit from any things which was granted to them by the “brutal rulers”. They should declare all those properties public property and return to the people of Chitral and clean them selves first before attacking others. If not then these so-called modern reformers whose ancestors in one way or another strengthened the Katur Dynasty and got huge land in return, should first give up all those landholdings and then talk about the people of Chitral.
    At the end I would like to conclude my comment by saying that please don’t criticize a man because of his family or social status. If we start dissecting and disclosing family matters it would open a Pandora box. Educated people don’t behave like this. Such matters never arose in Chitral. These letters and comments are contributing towards none but hatred in society. Those who are doing it are committing social crime. Remember if you have the right to live life of your choice, others also have, everyone has the right to make choices, priorities for his life and family. If some daughters of Chitral studied in LSE, it’s an honor for all of us. The critics should have thought before writing that is talking about daughters. Who gave him or any one the right to talk about personal affairs of families? It has nothing to do with this article?

  76. @Jan Mohammad Khan from Masqat, Saudi Arabia: Hey dear, you are not even ready to feel proud about your Pakistani ”identity” and have attached your Arabian nationality with your name, how come you talk about our country Pakistan!!!
    Look dear, nobody is trying to revive the past or anything like that, that’s only your misunderstanding. That ceremony that has become a pain in the stomach for you and some others was held with FULL support of the government. Representatives of Federal and Provincial government, the DCO and all other officials were present there! So how come you give such senseless remarks!!
    We are much much patriotic and are proud of our Pakistani identity and served our country and have always given sacrifices at all time!! And we will die for our beloved country Pakistan, but will never leave it and run away to Saudi like many people! 😉
    @Waqar Ahmad: I fully agree with you, sir!
    @Ahmad: Come on, man! Don’t try to twist things! The children of the lawyer got admission to LSE on scholarship just because of their talent, not on the recommendation of any Prince, as you said.

  77. The ‘fabricated’ statement by MNA, Shahzada Muhiuddin, and subsequent open letter by Mr. Gul Jee created a storm in the cup but the way Mr. pseudo Ahmad has tried to twist the truth is very ridiculous. Straying away from the topic under discussion, he has tried to malign some of the very respectable families of Chitral which is highly condemnable.
    In the first place, this fact should be kept in mind that what the Mehtars of Chitral did in 18th or early 19th century was the exigency of the time. An iron hand was the need of the hour to keep the people united. Survival of the fittest was the prevailing custom of the time and Mehtars of Chitral were no exception. The Hanoverian monarchy in England, Czars in Russia, Mughul dynasty in India and heads of hundreds of princely states resorted to harsh type of ruling to keep grip over their people strong. So regardless of the authenticity of MNA’s statement this topic should be stopped as the revival of Mehtari system is out of question in the present democratic era.
    It is also a fact that some of the very respectable personalities belonging to Katoor family are contributing a lot in various capacities in the development of Chitral.
    Mr. Ahmad in his comments on Gul Jee’s letter has, unnecessarily, tried to cast aspersion on professional ability of one of the leading lawyers of Chitral. I would like to say that the lawyer in question is one of the leading lawyers and senior most member of Chitral Bar. His legal acumen and mental astuteness cannot be called in to question. Moreover, he is a man of principles and has never deviated from principles even in the discharge of his professional responsibilities, although it has sometimes incurred him financial losses. As far as Ahmad’s statement about his children is concerned, I would like to inform him that the institutions where they got admitted are ranked among the highly prestigious institutions of the world and sheer meritocracy reigns supreme in these places of learning not personal recommendation of any prince, president or PM. The famous English saying, ‘desperation breeds contempt’ can aptly be applied to Ahmad’s state of mind.
    At last whether we are princes or commoners we should divert our energies towards the development of Chitral setting aside our personal differences.
    Waqar Ahmad,
    Brep Chitral.

    1. Well, quite interesting rather one should learn the art of buttering from this guy. They got admission in great schools. I agree. But the thing which I raised is how they managed to get scholarships despite having normal qualifications just like other Chitrali boys and girls.
      Hundreds of brilliant girls and boys from the backward valley have done MBAs and masters in Education from National University of Modern Languages (NUML) or done MBAs from SZABIST, this is not something to feel proud about!
      They were deprived of scholarships because their fathers had no backdoor connections. Nobody considered their applications despite passing exams with distinctions. But those who failed in intermediate examinations thrice and got promoted themselves, making a record of passing intermediate in four years by securing around 390 marks out of 1,100.
      But even then they managed to make their way to LSE straight and those who had outstanding performance throughout their academic careers cannot even see the LSE in dreams despite. What a pity!
      If this is purely on merit why the British Council out-rightly rejected when one of the girls applied for the scholarship and I’m sure this is not privy to you at all but even then you have come up in defense of your darling lawyer is beyond my comprehension.
      As long as having membership of a bar is concerned, it is not something which could certify your competence. And his financial position and living standard could be judged from the properties he had made.
      So relax poor chap; Keep your fingers crossed and my prayers are with you, hope for the best! My advise to younger lot of Chitral is that they should fight for their right as the scholarships given by the AKF do not belong to the privileged class only.
      Such arguments will deprive the youth of Chitral as you simply start defending a man despite knowing what is he doing. I am sorry to say this is no different than slavery rather the worst form of slavery.
      I have no regret to criticize the lawyer in question as he has been misusing the Imamat Institutions for his children. I am gonna raise the issue with Chitrali journalists working with mainstream media outlets in Islamabad soon. If you want further discussion, feel free to write back and yes this is not a fake name at all, so please stop giving sweeping statements. I am a proud Chitrali and I do not need any certificate from you before expressing my views.

  78. Dear Junaid Saleh Hayat, I carefully read your comments on the ongoing subject (An open letter to MNA Chitral). You are criticizing Mr. Gul Jee but remember your body language is worse, ridiculous and out of subject. If you want back that black brutal period, it might be good for you and go for it right now but remember it is only your dream, there is going no such thing happening again.I salute Mr.Gul Jee for writing such a historical and informative letter.
    Jan Mohammad khan (MUSQUAT)

  79. Look at the very first statement of Gul Jee where he said MNA Shahazada Mohiuddin “threatened” the government and the people to revive the old State system in Chitral! That statement is 100 % wrong!! He never said that! I was present in that gathering, not Gul Jee from Canada!! So why did you publish such a wrong statement?

  80. You are imposing your personal stories and boring experiences on others! Huh, do you think every proud Chitrali thinks the way you think? You are wrong, my dear! First, gather some self-respect and come out your shell of inferiority complex before writing such a crap! And by the way, what do you think you will gain by constantly targetting a specific clan that consists of a large percentage of the total population of Chitral?? So much hatred can be felt in your writings, why don’t you just pick up a shotgun and start hunting all that tribe if it makes you happy? I know you will even do that if you get a chance to!
    Let me reply to one of the points you mentioned in your so-called ‘open letter’. You said the Mehtar used to sell people (particulary criminals, traitors and thieves, for your info.) for puppies! Look dear, it is pretty much the same, Chitralis still sell their daughters, though not for puppies but for a few rupees. Can you deny this?? Of course, not! 😉 You can find many news related to that, even on this site.
    And dear Gul Jee, right now I am a bit busy, wait till I get time to write an “open letter” to you of this sort!
    Take care till then!
    “Love and you will get love, and vice-versa”,
    Remember this quote always! 🙂

  81. Dear Gul Jee and all others, it was so interesting to read your letter and comments that followed!
    After reading all your comnents, one can feel the inferiority complex in you! No offend, but that is what I feel in your tone! I as a Chitrali feel really ashamed of the way you people are targetting a specific tribe!! Don’t you feel any shame doing that?? Can you change the history?
    Why are you people planting the seed of hatred in Chitrali nation? Please, think about it!

  82. Yes I fully agreed with Mr. Gul jee. No individual wants to bring back that brutal system; even to talk about that time is like a sin now .The honorable MNA is a sinner if he is even thinking about that period. Now it is time he has( ALHAMDULLAH) anged and we are free to do the best for our self and our country beloved Pakistan. The MNA has to apologize from the public of chitral. There is no doubt that Shahzada Sahib did a good job for the area but remember not to touch the history of your ancestors because this will open more Pandora’s boxes.
    Afzal khan

  83. I don’t think calling for revival of old state rule, Prince Muhiuddin had said anything wrong. During the past few years state turned district of Chitral witnessed drastic changes. Let us forget the Katoors, there were some other casts who used to take pride but there came a time when they forced to marry their daughters with boys from families whome they used to call ‘Mochi, thesh mashkak etc’.
    They were hesitant to give their daughters to boys who do not belong to any distinguished cast. But things changed altogether when a boy whose father used to collect cattle’s dung at his home qualified the central superior service examination (CSS) with distinction.
    They formally approached the low cast family and literally begged them to marry their daughter. Alas, if this is the standard, we should salute the royal family of Chitral, who are still hell-bent not to give their daughters to a commoner.
    How educated, how learned you are but many Chitralis can be seen taking pride when they have some friendship with a prince or a common Katoor. Many could be seen knocking their doors seeking jobs in different NGOs, banks, multinational companies etc.
    Some even openly declare that Prince Mphiuddin, Shahzada Sikander, Shehzada Gul Khan etc., are my friends with their chest out. Isn’t this a complex? Yes it is! They still feel pride in the company of somebody from Katoor dynasty.
    A renowned lawyer, who is professionally not so competent but enjoys good relations with the royal family and frequently, takes part in bullshit events arranged in the royal fort. He made properties worth billions of rupees in Chitral using his connections with the royal family and sent even his children abroad to study in prestigious schools.
    Besides, appointments on key position in NGOs like AKRSP, SRSP etc., a common perception, is not possible if you do not have the blessings of somebody from the royal family. Let me justify my claim that a prince is needed rather [always] to get a job with a recent example that a senior most banker who had recently retired from the Bank of Khyber Chitral branch from a very senior position after reaching the age of superannuation.
    This grandsire moved from pillar to post for a position of a branch manger at Soneri Bank’s Chitral branch with the help of Prince Sirajul Mulk and his younger brother Prince Sikanderul Mulk but was dumped by the bank management when a friend in Islamabad intervened after his former colleagues at BoK Chitral pleaded to sabotage his reentry at any cost to pave the way for younger generation.
    This is the importance of these people and nobody can deny this. The Chitralis, I am sorry to say are still slaves. They still consider themselves inferior to Katoors and know it very well that without their blessings these people they can not progress in the society, so majority of Chitralis consider friendship with a prince inevitable.
    More than 400 people, none other than Chitralis, were seen dancing and kissing the hands of Shahzada Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir on the occasion of his crowning after the sad demise of his father. What do you expect from a man who still dances and kisses the hands of a man despite knowing the atrocities of his forefathers meted out to his ancestors?
    The Chitralis of this category who feel proud to dance in front of a prince like a madari (juggler) will always remain slave because you cannot change his mentality how hard you try because it has been running in their blood since decades. I’m sorry Gul Jee lalah but this is the fact!

  84. Gul Jee I am 100 per cent agreed and share your thoughts about the past and present of Chitral. Actually, people like MNA Mohideen are in pursuit of an impossible dream. They want to take advantage of the present day bad government, unemployment, and high living cost which have made the lives of the people miserable. People are desperately looking for a change and the change for better not for worst. Insha Allah things will change and people will come out of the despondency. Your letter is an eye opener for all Chitralis who are looking for a change and riddance of the personality of former autocrats.

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