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In memory of my great father

By Tariq Iqbal

Some events can come to define a life. Most often, these events are sudden, unexpected and irrevocable to change the framework of existence. However, it is not the event in itself that defines a life but the repercussion of it. 

This reality was too horrific and unbearable to face for my family and me when I received a call from my uncle asking me to reach his room soon. I was very much surprised and confused to see them at that time that they were weeping. As I knocked they tried their best to hide shredded tears and I was told that my father was in a serious condition; fighting for his life. They also told me that we have to go to Chitral as soon as possible. I was lifeless suddenly hearing news about my father for a while and then I rejuvenate myself to face the situation, though tears were flowing from my eyes.

In the beginning I didn’t understand what exactly had happened. However, flow of consistent calls on my cell phone did further exacerbate my condition. I spent the night in the very pathetic condition with the console of friends and next day in suspense left to home. While getting closer to home town I came across of a strange feelings and environment that I have never had before in my life.

Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows. Today if we are happy, tomorrow we may be sad. An event, however, left a mark for the rest of our life that is unforgettable. The event took place in my life and altogether changed blissful colours and course of my life was the death of my great father; Muhammad Changaiz Khan Tareeqi.

He was respectable personality of Chitral being teacher, writer and poet for others and the great hand of grace, shadow of compassion, love, strength and encouragement for me and my family members. As he always used to tell me “Live life like there’s no tomorrow” as the reality of our existence in this earth; his departure left me alone from the great patronage and my memories, life plans and dreams disappeared suddenly when the moment of my father’s life with us ended.

My great father Muhammad Changaiz Khan, born in the village Shogram of District Chitral, on 3rd May 1940.  The child being intelligent and genius took his attention and were soon sent to school in his mother’s land; Chuinj of Sub-division Mastuj; was State Primary School. Intelligence, creativity, genius of aesthetic sensibility and thrust for knowledge took him for further study and got admission in State High School Chitral. Inside the school premises, due to his creativity and intelligence most of his teachers loved him.

After completing his school education he desired to support his family, got employment in Education Department of Chitral in one hand and quench his thrust for in-depth knowledge, creation and aesthetic representation of Chitral on the other. He served as a teacher in different schools and taught the students with zeal, enthusiasm, keenness and eagerness. Nowadays almost all of his students are serving in different sectors and delivering successfully. He brought new innovations and modernity in his student’s minds. Through his co-curricular activities he did unearth the talents and abilities of his students in different schools and many NaatKhwn’s, Poets, Writer, Singer are the polished talents of his creativity and genius. These creations are going to better representation of Chitral for the last many years in education, literature, culture, poetry and art.  After excellent services in many educational institutes of Chitral for about 34 years and got retirement in 1998.

His separation after retirement from educational services, his rather to remain in seclusion to contemplate his literary works on poetry and writings as these works are known to all and sundry.

He has written many pages for Chitral in its love, on his culture, people, and topography. Few verses one of his poem “Chitral says what to a Chitrali” he says: –

Another poem of creativity reads as in Khowar

Once he had said that “We all have to die one day.” As he left us on 08th March 2012 in the mushroom of tears but what we can, we did accept the final call of God Almighty and hold the tears back. I have now his memories to remember and no more his presence in my life.  I can only express my gratitude in the form of prayers and may Allah has given him great company in paradise. We will meet again in the sanctioned day “The Day of Judgment” in accompany with all human beings.


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  1. Munir Hussain Hamza says

    He was not only the best teacher but also the prominent poet and he will be remembered in the history of Chitrali Culture….May Almighty keeps his soul in peace……
    Munir Hussyn Hamza
    Zait, Chitral.

  2. Tariq Iqbal says

    Dear Aziz Bhai,
    Awa ta hardio kulumio sora shukrio ada koman ma tato yad lakhiko bache. may GOD keep u in his custody in ur job area

  3. Aziz Ali says

    Dear Tariq Iqbal,
    You may not know me, but I am one of the students of your great father when I was studying at the high school Booni in 1970s. He was really a great teacher and mentor. I never forget him. I did not know even about this incidence, as I am away from the town and in Badakhshan, north-eastern Afghanistan in connection with my job. I am really sorry for the sad demise of one of my best teachers. However, this is reality of life and we have to accept this, in such situation one can feel how feeble is human being before nature.
    I pray almighty Allah may bless the departed soul in eternal peace and grant strength and fortitude to you and your family to bear this irreparable loss in the family.

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