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Two women commit suicide in one day

CHITRAL/BOONI, July 28: Two young women committed suicide in a single day in various parts of Chitral, police and family sources told on Friday. In the first incident, a female student of FSc committed suicide after failing in her exam in the Parabek village of Garum Chashma. The local police said Tahira Azam, daughter of retired Subedar Mir Azam, shot herself dead with a 12-bore gun after knowing that she had failed in the FSc Part II exam. In the second incident, Khalida, daughter of Hakim Khan, of Paswik in Booni Gol, hanged herself on Friday evening. She had passed her FSc exam a couple of years back, and according to the family, was suffering from mental disturbance since 2008.]]>

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  1. Nadir Khan says

    I agree with Mr Zakir Hussain that we need to create awareness among our women folk, and also male youths, that they should not take such extreme steps of killing oneself. Apart from religious teachings, if someone takes his own life it is a cowardly act. One should have the belief to struggle against all odds as struggle is the name of life.
    Garden East

  2. Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim says

    Really the increased number of suicides happening in Chitral is an alarming situation for all of us. We need to know the ground reasons why educated people prefer killing themselves without loving their own life. Why they consider suicide instead of life? A research should be conducted and the results and recommendations should be shared in different seminars conducted for females. I recently attend a seminar of LAPH, in Pamir Hotel on GBV (Gender Based Violence), where Dr Tahira conducted the seminar, she discussed the issues with females and really encourage the females. I will suggest LAPH, which is working for the empowerment of females to be active this time and start working in different areas of Chitral on the reasons of suicide and to control such situations.
    Chitral is very peaceful place of Pakistan, where very much freedom has been given to females.
    President CSWA, Karachi,
    Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim,
    University of Karachi.

  3. Zakir Hussain (Abu Dhabi) says

    The alarming number of suicide cases in Chitral in recent months and especially by students is a matter of serious concern for us. Women and female students are comitting suicide out of frustration and acute despondancy. It shows the problems in our social system which is mainly male dominated. Awareness is desperatetly needed among the student and women that Islam strongly prohibits suicide and their problems must be heard. Educational institutions have to guide students and teach them how to face the realities of life. Our Ulemas should highlight the role and status of women in Islam and give them confidence.
    Finally it is my humble appeal to all students that we must learn to face challenges and obstructions, create courage to overcome them. All of us may not get the required support from our elders but always believe in God and in yourself and keep on trying, success will be yours’. You are the most talented people in Pakistan and you can do everything. Failure in exams are common and provide a base for your future successes.

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