Reorganization of PPP Chitral demanded

PESHAWAR, July 25: Concerned over differences and grouping in the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in Chitral district, the party workers have demanded the leadership to reorganise the party ahead of the upcoming general election. “Though Chitral used to be the stronghold of the PPP, now the rising number of flags of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl, Jamaat-e-Islami and Awami National Party have prompted the PPP workers to think as to why the PPP leaders are least interested in the party’s affairs,” said former PPP MPA Zainul Abidin. “The PPP has been ruined as it has split into various groups and no effort is being made to unite the party in the district,” he said, adding that senior workers like him had adopted silence and preferred to stay away. Zainul Abidin said he had also written a letter to PPP provincial president Sardar Ali Khan about the deteriorating situation of the party in Chitral.The PPP leader recalled that Sardar Ali Khan, Senator Ahmad Hasan, former federal minister Najmuddin Khan and Dr Afsarul Mulk had visited Chitral to look into the party’s affairs a year ago but nothing was done for streamlining and reirganizing the PPP in the district. The party’s affairs, he added, had deteriorated further during the last one year. He said PPP activists were fed up with the wrong and anti-workers policies of the party’s ministers. Some other PPP Chitral activists complained that they had been apprising their leaders about the situation since long but the cold-shoulder response of the leadership disappointed the workers. A PPP leader Sartaj Khan observed that not a single central party leader visited Chitral during the last four years as if they have no concern with the area.He recalled that Benazir Bhutto paid seven visits to Chitral during four years. He also criticised the government for not releasing sufficient funds for the Lowari Tunnel project. The PPP ‘jiyalas’ in their separate chat with The News observed that the ANP and other parties were concentrating on strengthening their position in Chitral but the PPP ministers were interested in personal gains and involved in infighting.–The News]]>

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