Norwegian govt thanked for funding uplift projects

CHITRAL, July 25: Local support organizations at a convenion held at Creative Approach for Development office in Denin with Ziaur Rehman in the chair thanked the governments of Norway and Netherland for allocating handoms amount of money for the development of Chitral. They said projects launched under the fund were completed successfully due to meritorious service and supervision of the executing agencies. They also appreciated standard of these schemes as comparative to other agencies. However, the stakeholders expressed concern over non-release of the fund by the Norwegian embassy on time for the year 2012; as a result of which the projects had been delayed. They also lamented some selfish elements for trying to bypass the local support organizations and shift the fund to some other agency for fulfillment of their political aims. They appealed to the high-ups of Norwegian embassy to discourage these elements and politicians. An unanimous resolution was passed by the stakeholders appealing to the Norwegian embassy for early release of the fund to the LSOs for completion of the projects. They also invited the Norwegian ambassador to Chitral see all the completed projects.–G.H. Farooqui]]>

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