Vote — Why?

But what intrigues me the most is their loyalty to a particular political party and the blind support for the person representing that party even though they know that, that political party has not done anything for them since the inception of Pakistan but this is one of the many problems prevalent in our beloved motherland, Pakistan. Let me narrow it down to our main topic, vote and why vote at all…Karimabadis? If someone of you have happened to visit this valley you might have realized that in Karimabad, the roads, the hospitals, most of the schools, the electricity, the drinking water system, the sanitation system, the irrigation water system and numerous other basic needs of life are either funded or constructed by AKDN. An NGO, which works in third world countries to alleviate poverty. There is just one government hospital in Gree Karimabad, which is run by a matric passed doctor. The colleagues of the doctor are also called “doctors” by the locals (though they may not even have Matric level education) just because the look after the patients and prescribe medicines too. The condition of the government schools are open secrets and what they teach and how they teach has long been questioned. The roads are looked after by the people of the area and they have been constructed with the help of the above mentioned NGO. Water and Sanitation system of the area have been set up by WASEP, a branch of AKDN. The constitution of Pakistan says, Article 38. Promotion of social and economic well-being of the people the state shall: (d) provide basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing. housing, education and medical relief, for all such citizens, irrespective of sex, caste, creed or race, as are permanently or temporarily unable to earn their livelihood on account of infirmity, sickness or unemployment. So,  -Do you think the Government is catering to any of these basic needs of the people? -Do you think the Representatives YOU elect are doing honest job during their tenure of five years? -Should YOU vote? What should YOU do? Boycott Elections? Not participate in politics? Well, I do not believe in boycotting the elections because it won’t do any good to the area, I also strongly discourage non-participation in politics. Do involve yourself in politics and choose the right leader for the area. Don’t go after a political party but the person contesting the elections. Choose honest and educated people who would stand for you and bring developmental changes to the area and its people. Iqbal Ali Khan IBA- Karachi]]>

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