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Uplift schemes worth over Rs13 million completed

CHITRAL, July 19: Different developmental schemes, worth over Rs13 million, like protection bund, irrigation channel, link road, water supply and pavement of streets were completed in Chitral with the financial support of Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme (CIADP) funded by Netherland and Norwegian government. The protection bund for protection of DCO House and office was completed at Zzang Bazar in Chitral Gol nulla at a cost of Rs0.875 million. As a result, the area was protected from flood. The second scheme of protection bund was completed at Goldor on the bank of Chtral Gol costing Rs1.97 million. An irrigation channel and link road were completed in Faizabad Hon. After completion of the scheme, not only water has been saved from wastage but also the road has been protected. This project cost Rs3.35 million. A local beneficiary said after completion of this irrigation channel their harvesting and crops production will be increased brining positive economically changes in the lives of the local people. Similarly, in Shiaqotek, a protection bund was completed with a cost of Rs1.39 million; as a result, the whole population would be saved from tremendous flood. These schemes were later handed over to the local community for ownership of the schemes and long-term and durable and sustainable development. Addressing on the occasion, Manager Sher Aga thanked Netherland and Norwegian governments for spending a huge amount for development of Chitral. He also thanked Thrive and CIADP for their financial support.–G.H. Farooqi]]>

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