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MNA assails PIA for frequent cancellation of Chitral flights

CHITRAL, July 16: MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin has criticized the PIA management for frequent cancellation of flights on Peshawar-Chitral-Islamabad route on technical grounds, which has destroyed the tourism industry. Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he said that the people of Chitral had become weary of the attitude of PIA management who were hatching a conspiracy to bring to an end the flights. He said Chitral was still heavily dependent on the operation of flights of PIA and its stoppage will affect them adversely. The lawmaker complained that he missed a number of sessions of National Assembly and standing committees due to the unjustifiable cancellation of flights and that he would take the matter on the floor of the house. He asked the airline’s management to either repair the planes or purchase new ones to add to its fleet and save the airline from collapse. Mr Mohiuddin blamed the government for the deteriorating situation of the national airline and said it recruited thousands of its workers in the airline which further worsened its financial crisis.  He came hard on the government for its utter failure to check corruption in the development funds in Chitral and said that a large chunk of the funds are embezzled by the government officers. He complained that the people of Chitral did not benefit of the merger of the formerly Chitral state with the country as they are as deprived, depressed and backward as before. “If this situation of deprivation persists, then we will have no option other than demanding the revival of Chitral state”, he said.–Zahiruddin]]>

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