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Call to end Yarkhun’s backwardness

YARKHUN: A special meeting of the members of LSO Punar Yarkhun was convened at the Quaid-i-Azam Model College Bang, which was chaired by Sher Wali Khan Aseer, a prominent educationist and chairman of the organization. In this meeting, the participants earnestly requested the chief executive of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company to extent its phone services to the backward valley of Yarkhun in Chital. They said in this modern era the people of this area are still disconnected with the outside world. The youth whose number has exceeded ten thousand are deprived of the net facility which is considered to be compulsory component of modern education. Non existence of telecommunication facility for 36000(approx) citizens of Pakistan, living on the strategic border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, has been a very set back in the development of the area. The meeting farther elaborated that the area of Yarkhun has great potential in every kind of business because the people are progressive and hardworking. The members attended the meeting were, M.Wazir from Gazain, Israr Ahmed from Shust, Ghulamuddin from Bang, Umar Rafee from Broghel, Faizat Ali Shah from Dubargar, Shapir Wali from Shust, Alim Khan from Khruzg, Jahan Khan from shust, Nadir Khan from Lasht Yarkhun, Abdul Ghafar Khan from Gherarum Yarkhun,Zhano Yar Khan from Meragram, Mir Aziz from Bang Payin,Syed Qasim Shah from Shich , Noor Wali Shah from Uchohon, Sheli Sultan from Brep, Mergast Bibi from Phashk, Hashim Bibi from Dewsair, Farman Nizar Khan from Ratheni Brep and Izzat Begum.from Wasum.—Zubaida Sirang]]>

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