Protocol to impersonators: MNA comes out in support of DPO

CHITRAL, June 26: MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin has lauded the DPO Abdur Rashid for busting the inter-provincial gang of swindlers when one of them posed himself as Aimal Wali Khan, the son of ANP chief Asfandiar Wali Khan. Addressing a press conference here, he came hard on those who were blaming the district police officer for the incident and said such elements do have personal grudges against the police officer and were exploiting the situation to settle scores. Mr Mohiuddin said the gang members had made a confession of their commission of crimes throughout the country and each time they successfully duped the police. “If the Chitral police unearthed the gangsters, drug pushers and swindlers, why it is being subjected to criticism and mental torture,” he questioned and warned that such irresponsible behavior will demoralize the police force. He said the police officer did not spare the official of local police who was found abetting the swindlers and sent him behind bars along with them and all this speaks a volume of his earnestness. The lawmaker has demanded of the chief minister and IGP of the province to reward the police officer and his staff who utilized a successful strategy for arresting the swindler’s gang.–Zahiruddin]]>

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