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An open letter to DPO Chitral

ISLAMABAD, June 20: The news of imposters roaming under full official protocol in Chitral has revealed incapability and corruption in your department. You have confessed that how you and your department are using public money for the sons of politicians. Would you like to answer the following questions honestly? *From where the fund which is being spent to entertain these imposters gang (son of Asfandiyar) is coming? *Who has allowed you to facilitate Asfandiyar Wali Khan’s son? How much in the past you have spent in this area? *Am I right to say that you are working blindly? *Anyone even a terrorist can enter into your office easily? You followed just a telephone call without confirmation? *It proved that you do not understand your responsibility. You are there only to listen the telephone of politicians and their sons, right? Hope you will have concrete answers to these questions to satisfy the people of Chitral. Fakhruddin Akhunzada (Kalkatak) G-10/4, Islamabad.]]>

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  1. Ajaz Ahmad says

    MR. Abdul Rasheed, DPO Chitral is a very efficient and experienced police Officer and he did his level best to control crimes and maintaining law and order situation in Chitral. And your question regarding provision of facility to VIPs, it’s the responsibility of State/Police to provide security to the VIPs/other persons who request for it. And the facility provided to impostors’ gang and practice used by DPO Chitral in order to trap them. He is not only maintaining law and order situation in Chitral but also sensitizing the local communities. Hope DPO Chitral will play a vital role in maintaining peace environment in Chitral which is necessary for the sustainable development of this isolated region of Pakistan.
    Ajaz Ahmad

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