Chitral miners asked to pay tax

CHITRAL, June 17: An official of Malakand Mine Owners Association during a meeting with the Chitral Miners Association representatives here suggested that tax should be levied on stones, gravels and sand being extracted in Chitral. Mr Fazle Razzaq said imposition of tax would be in the best interest of the workers engaged in mining. He said stones, gravels and sand being transported out of Chitral was taxed at Chikdara. He said if this tax is imposed in Chitral itself, the proceeds would be utilized for the welfare of the labour class. Mr Razzaq also said miners and government were partners and they had been working in consultation and coordination with each other. He said mine owners spent a huge amount of money on the welfare of the labourers like establishment of schools for their children, dispensaries and provision of loans for their wedding. Speaking on the occasion, the president of Chitral Miners Association, Mohammad Naeem, however, said Chitral was a tax-free zone and the local people had always respected the law. However, they have never paid any tax to the government due to the special status of the valley. He said the association was ready to pay tax on all the work being carried out under its supervision and that which was being received at Chakdara. However, the association cannot impose tax on the stones and sand being extracted locally because it would cerate misunderstanding between the local people and the miners.]]>

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